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SSID Appears but Can’t Connect Using Wi-Fi | Computer Problems & Solutions

Problem: SSID Appears but Can’t Connect Using Wi-Fi

Solution: Wi-Fi connectivity problems are almost always caused by interference or firmware and/or driver incompatibilities.

The first thing to try is to simply reset your wireless router in case something’s gone wonky that a reboot might fix.
Pull your router’s power cord, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in. Once the router has fully booted, try to connect again.

If the issue persists, the wireless channel being used by your router may be congested. Download a utility like Insider to your laptop, or Wi-Fi Analyzer to your smartphone, and scan the wireless networks in the area.

If your router is using the same channel as many others within range, log into your router’s configuration menu, navigate to the wireless network section, and change the channel to the one that’s least used in the area.
If that doesn’t help, try updating the router’s firmware. Hit your router manufacturer’s website and check for a firmware update.
If one is available, download it, and then log into the router’s configuration menu and apply the update (this process will vary from router to router—consult your manual).
Once the firmware update is installed, configure the wireless network settings and try connecting again. Updating the drivers for your wireless network controller is worth a shot, too.

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