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SSC CGL English One Word Substitutions

1. ambience : the character of the place or the feeling you have about it

2. domain : a particular area of activity or life

3. terrain : an area of land, usually one that has a particular physical feature

4. neighbour hood : a particular area of city or town

5. habitate : A type of place where an animal normally lives in

6. egoist : a person who is self centered

7. infallible : incapable of making a mistake

8. panacea : a cure for all diseases or problems

9. theist : one who believes in the existence of God

10. ambiguity : an expression that has more than one meaning

11. autocracy : government by a sovereign with uncontrolled authority

12. bureaucracy : government by departments of state (officials)

13. democracy : government by the people

14. plutocracy : government by the wealthy

15. theocracy : government by divine guidance

16. apiary : a place where bees are kept

17. aviary : a place where birds are kept

18. dispensary : a place where medicines are compounded

19. library : a place where books are kept

20. granary : a place where grain is stored

21. archaeologist : one who studies the past through objects left behind

22. dentist : one who attends to the teeth

23. florist : one who deals in flowers

24. geologist : one who studies rocks and soils

25. oculist : one who attends to the disease of the eye

26. etymology : the study of the origin and history of words

27. philology : the study of languages.

28. anthropology : the study of mankind.

29. orology : the study of mountains.

30. astrology : the art of telling future by the study of the stars.

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