01). When the customer withdraws cash from  ATM, the banker and customer relationship is ?
A) Debtor and Creditor
B) Creditor and Debtor
C) Lessor and Lessee
D) Agent and Principal
E) None of these

02). Recently the government has increased  the number of guaranteed  work days under MGNREGS from 100 days to …. days. ?
A) 120
B) 150
C) 175
D) 200
E) 160

03). Which of the following statements is true?
A)  Reserve Bank of India empowers the banks to open branches according to their will and pleasure
B)  Reserve Bank of India is a central bank which monitors only lending activities pertaining to export credit
C) Banks have authority to establish the  ATMs at their convenience
D)  Rural banks of commercial banks do not have freedom to issue credit cards
E) None of these

04). Who won the US open 2012 recently?
A) Novak Djokovic   
B) Roger Federer
C)  Andy Murray   
E) None of these
D) Rafael Nadal

05). Which among the following state government has recently launched unemployment allowance scheme?
A)  Andhra Pradesh   
B) Uttar Pradesh
C) Punjab
D) Goa
E) Gujarat

06). Which bank has recently announced to launch the non cash transactions through social networking site Facebook ?
B)  Andhra Bank
C) Bank of Baroda
E) Axis  Bank

07). Service  Area  Approach is associated with?
A) Industrial finance   
B) Micro finance
C) Rural finance  
E) None of these

08). The Nayak Committee has suggested the turnover method for assessing the working capital and pegged it at ?
A)  15% of the projected annual turnover, as working capital limit
B) 20% of the projected annual turnover, as working capital limit
C) 25% of the projected annual turnover, as working capital limit
D)  30% of the projected annual turnover, as working capital limit
E) None of these

09). The central bank of the United States: ?
A) Citi Group  
B) Bank of  America Chase
C) J.P. Morgan
D) Federal Reserve
E) None of these

10). The New Capital  Adequacy Framework prescribed for the banks is commonly known as  ?
A) KYC norms        
B) Credit Policy
C) Basel  Accord      
D) Fiscal Policy
E) None of these

11). Which of the following is the  Apex level institution  for housing?
A) EXIM Bank
E) None of these

12). The largest bank in Pakistan: ?
A) State Bank of Pakistan
B) Habib Bank Limited 
C) Sonali Bank
D) DBS Bank 
E) None of these

13). In the recently concluded Olympics, what was India’s position ?
A) 50    
B) 55
C) 60    
D) 75 
E) 58

14). Recently  AIR India got its first Dreamliner aircraft which is ?
A)  Advanced Boeing 787
B) Advanced boeing 789
C) Advanced boeing 798
D) Advanced boeing 765 
E) None of these

15). What is India’s rank in the global competitiveness report 2012 – 13 of the world economic forum ?
A) 50   
C) 60   
B) 59  
D) 75
E) 53

16). In which sport did India get its first medal in the para Olympics ?
A) High Jump     
B) Shot put
C) Swimming
D) Javelin throw
E) Long jump

17). Who of the following is not a party to the IPO?
A) Registrar of Issue
B) Investment Banker
D) Registrar of Companies
C)  Advertisement  Agency
E) None of these

18).  The credit policy of a bank does not consist of ?
A) Lending policies   
B) Quality control
C) Loan product mix
D) advertising of loan products
E) None of these

19). Service  Area  Approach (SAA) is associated with?
A)  Rural and Semi-urban branches of commercial banks
B) Urban branches of commercial banks
C) Branches of commercial banks situated in metro cities
D) Development banks
E) None of these

20). Recently the 16th NAM summit was held in? 
A) Iran        
B) Iraq             
C) Chaina
D) India      
E) Bangladesh

Answers : 
01)-A;    02)-B;   03)-C;   04)-C;   05)-B;
06)-D;    07)-C;   08)-B;   09)-D;   10)-C;
11)-C;    12)-B;   13)-B;   14)-A;    15)-B;
16)-A;    17)-D;   18)-D;   19)-A;    20)-A.

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