Name of Dog who first goes to Space?
Ans: Laika

How many Players in KHOKHO?
Ans: 9

No. of Fundamental Duties?
Ans: 11

DMK Party is founded by Whom?
Ans : M. G. Ramachandran

First Indian lady to won Gold in Asian Games?
Ans : Kamaljeet Sandhu

Study of Birds is Called?
Ans: Ornithology

Group of Dolphin is Called?
Ans: School or Pod

Father of Space Research?
Ans: Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai

2015 French Open Winner?
Ans: Stan Wawrinka (Men), Serena Williams (Women)

Another Name of Computer Chip?
Ans :MicroChip

Buddha Attained Enlightenment at?
Ans: Bodh Gaya

First Indian Hockey Player to Awarded Padma Sri?
Ans: Balbir Singh Dosanjh

World Second Largest Country in Respect of Land Area?
Ans: Canada

Ajanta and Ellora Cave is located in which State?
Ans : Maharashtra

Smallest Planet?
Ans : Mercury

India’s Oldest Dam?
Ans : Kalyanai Dam

U.N Climate change meeting held in which place?
Ans :Paris

Capital of Denmark?
Ans: Copenhagen

Yoga Day  Celebrated on?
Ans:June 21

First Governor General of Free india?
Ans: Lord Mountbatten

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