What is Geotropism
Answer :  Growth against gravity

Who is the last ruler of Maurya Dynasty?
Answer :   Brihadratha

Mrinalini Sarabhai is Famous for ?
Answer : Classical Dancer

Answer :  Eagle

Manohar Parrikar hoists Country’s largest, Tallest Tricolour at ?
Answer :  Pahari Mandir (Ranchi)

What is the Colour of Solid Iodine?
Answer :  Purple

Fundamental Duties taken from Which Country?
Answer :  USSR

World economic Forum 2016 Meeting held at?
Answer :  Davos, Switzerland

If pH Value becomes less than 7 Then it is called as?
Answer : Acid

Ellora Caves in Which State?
Answer : Maharashtra

Highest Cricket Ground in India?
Answer :  Dharmasala

Who invented Dynamite?
Answer :  Alfred Nobel

India’s 5th Navigational Satellites Name?
Answer : IRNSS 1E

Nephrology is the Study of?
Answer :  Nerves

Who First Indian to get Nobel Prize?
Answer :  Rabindranath Tagore

Golden Temple is Situated on which River?
Answer : Ravi River

Who was the First ODI Caption of Indian Cricket Team?
Answer :  Ajit Wadekar

Administrator of Union Territory?
Answer :  Lt. Governor & Administrator

Shiva Ayyadurai what invented?
Answer :  E-mail

First Nobel prize in Literature?
Answer :  Sully Prudhomme (French)

Jayakwadi Dam on which River ?
Answer :  Godavari

02 nd April 2016 Third Shift Maths Questions Asked in Exam

1.If PRIVATE is coded as 1234567 and RISK is coded as 2398, how is RIVETS coded?

2.A train 400m long can cross an electric pole in 20sec, then find the speed of the train?

3.If a man walks 24 Km at 8 Kmph, he will be late by 25min. if he walks 12 Km.ph, how early the fixed time Will he reach?

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