Which of these Memories will be used to Store variable data?
Answer: RAM

Which of the following is an active component of a circuit?
A. Transistor
B. Resistor
C. Capacitor
D. Inductor
Answer: Transistor

A Satellite that Revolves around the Equator 36,000 km from Earth’s Centre is Called?
A. Polar
B. Geostationary
C. Equatorial
D. Elliptical
Answer: B. Geostationary

A semi Conductor Read Only Memory Basically is?
A. A set of flip flop memory elements
B. A combinational logic circuit
C. A sequential circuit with flip flops and gates
D. None of the above
Answer: A combinational logic circuit

Processing Time is least in a Computer?
A. 16 bit
B. 32 bit
C. 8 bit
D. 64 bit
Answer: 64 bit

The term RADAR stands for?
A. Radio direction and reflection
B. Radio detection and ranging
C. Radio waves dispatching and receiving
D. Random dispatching and receiving
Answer: Radio detection and ranging

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