1) With whose help, Bill Gates started his business?
Ans .Paul Allen
2) In 2015, Commonwealth games held at?
Ans. Apia, the capital of Samoa.

3) Inventor of X-rays?
Ans. Rontgen
4)In the following, most abundant gas is?
Answere. Nitrogen
5) Symmetry of rectangle is ?
6) First female muslim person in high judiciary system ?
Ans.Arwa al-Hujaili.
7) Starts shines because of ?
Ans. Sunshine

8) Where G-20 summit was held in 2015?
Ans. Antaliya
9) In 2015, Under 20 FIFA world cup held at?
Ans. New Zealand
10) Golconda fort is located at which state?
Ans :  Telangana.

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