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RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Stage – I Grand Test 2018

1. Pobitora Wildlife sanctuary is located in which of the following Indian State?
a) Uttarakhand
b) Sikkim
c) Arunachal Pradesh
d) Assam
Answer :    D

2. Barometer is used to measure:
a) Pressure in Pipes, channels etc.
b) Atmospheric pressure
c) Very low pressure
d) Difference of pressure between two points
Answer :    B

3. What is the shape of the orbit of the planet?
a) Round
b) Straight line
c) Elliptical
d) Triangle
Answer :    C

4. Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) formed in which of the following year?
a) 1992
b) 1995
c) 2001
d) 2005
Answer :    C

5. Followers of which religion were divided into 2 sects called Digambaras and Svetambaras?
a) Buddhists
b) Jains
c) Hindus
d) Sikhs
Answer :    B

6. With which of the following is the phrase, ‘Bulls and Bears’ associated?
a) WWF
b) Circus
c) Stock Exchange Market
d) None of these
Answer :    C

7. ‘Bonsai’ is the:
a) Art of growing dwarfed plants in small pots
b) Art of paper folding
c) Art of flower arrangement
d) None of these
Answer :    A

8. A computer virus normally attaches itself to another computer programme known as a:
a) Backdoor programme
b) Target programme
c) Trojan horse
d) Host programme
Answer :    C

9. Light year is:
a) The distance between the Earth and the Sun
b) The distance covered by light in one year
c) The average distance between the Earth and the moon
d) None of these
Answer :    B

10. AGMARK is:
a) A cooperative of egg producers
b) Organized Grain Market
c) A cooperative of farmers
d) Seal of assured quality for items of use such as eggs, ghee etc.
Answer :    D

11. Dry Ice is:
a) Dust of ice
b) Liquefied nitrogen
c) Liquefied H2
d) Solid CO2
Answer :    D

12. Cylindrical lens is used by a person suffering from:
a) Astigmatism
b) Myopia
c) Hypermetropia
d) Presbyopia
Answer :    A

13. Which is a tribasic acid?
a) Succinic acid
b) Lactic acid
c) Citric acid
d) Valeric acid
Answer :    C

14. Blue-ray disc is a:
a) Musical instrument
b) Medical equipment
c) Data Storage System
d) Educational kit
Answer :    C

15. A straight rod partially immersed in water seems bent. Its reason is:
a) Refraction
b) Reflection
c) Different temperature of water levels
d) High pressure of water at the bottom
Answer :    A

16. The chemical formula of caustic soda is:
a) Ba(OH)2
b) Na2CO3
c) NaOH
d) NaCl
Answer :    C

17. A cricket player while taking a catch lowers his hands to:
a) Increase time of impulse
b) Decrease time of impulse
c) Take catch safely
d) Increase the area of impact
Answer :    B

18. Most of the plant’s auxin is produced in its:
a) Root tips
b) Buds
c) Leaves
d) Shot apex
Answer :    D

19. Researchers are manufacturing Genetically Modified (GM) fungi to produce:
a) Cheaper biofuel
b) Generic drug for treatment of cancer
c) Food Supplement
d) Edible oil
Answer :    A

20. Depreciation is equal to:
a) (Gross National Product) − (Net National Product)
b) (Net National Product) − (Gross National Product)
c) (Gross National Product) − (Personal Income)
d) (Personal Income) − (Personal Taxes)
Answer :    A

21. A person born with the inner ear missing:
a) would not have the Eustachian tube
b) would never be able to hear sound
c) would be able to hear only with an electronic hearing aid
d) could only hear a loud explosion
Answer :    B

22. What is the theme of the 15th Edition of BioAsia conference 2018?
a) Right Time, Right Now
b) Power of the Fast, Force of the Future
c) Leveraging India to Succeed Globally
d) New Era of Life sciences
Answer :    A

23. Gas released during Bhopal tragedy was:
a) Sodium Isothiocyanate
b) Ethyl Isothiocyanate
c) Potassium Isothiocyanate
d) Methyl Isocyanate
Answer :    D

24. Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986 was legislated to implement the provisions of:
a) Article 23
b) Article 24
c) Article 21
d) All of these
Answer :    B

25. The vacancy of the office of the President of India must be filled up within:
a) 90 days
b) 6 months
c) 1 year
d) The period decided by the parliament
Answer :    B

26. The largest producer of gold in the world is:
a) Australia
b) Canada
c) Russia
d) South Africa
Answer :    D

27. Which of the following metals can occur in free state?
a) Gold
b) Bronze
c) Sodium
d) Iron
Answer :  A 

28. Animals of similar genetic constitution are called:
a) Heterozygous
b) Homozygous
c) Genotypes
d) Phenotypes
Answer :    C

29. Endosulfan, a pesticide which was banned by the Supreme Court of India, is listed under:
a) Rotterdam convention
b) Stockholm convention
c) Bonn convention
d) Ramsar convention
Answer :    B

30. The term ‘Butterfly stroke’ is related with:
a) Swimming
b) Boxing
c) Wrestling
d) Kabaddi
Answer :    A

31. Mahatma Gandhi Sarbat Vikas Yojana (MGSVY) is launched by which state, to provide inclusive growth for distressed people in state?
a) Himachal Pradesh
b) Punjab
c) Kerala
d) Bihar
Answer :    B

32. Best parliamentarian of 2017 in India is:
a) GulamNabi Azad
b) Najma Heptulla
c) Bhartruhari Mahatab
d) Hukmudev Narayan
Answer :    A

33. India Energy Congress held in:
a) Jaipur
b) Ahmedabad
c) Hyderabad
d) New Delhi
Answer :    D

34. First Women Cricketer in the World to take 200 Wickets in one day Internationals is:
a) Harmanpreet Kaur
b) Jhulan Goswami
c) Cathryn Fitz Patrick
d) Soumya
Answer :    B

35. Dhanush Missile is:
a) Surface Air Missile
b) Surface to surface
c) Air to Air
d) Air to surface
Answer :    B

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