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RRB 14th April 2016 Exam Analysis – First Shift

Funtion of Hydro Power Plant?
Ans. To Convert Kinetic Energy into Electrical Energy

Which Dynasty came after Mouryan Dynasty?
Ans. Sunga Dynasty
Hottest Planet in Solar Dystem?
Ans. Venus
What does Vinegar Contains?
Ans. Acetic Aid.
Current President of Pakistan?
Ans. Mamnoon Hussain.
2016 Australian Open Women’s Double Winner?
Ans. Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis.
“To Kill a Mocking Word” book was Written by?
Ans. Harper Lee.
Delhi’s Only Women Ruler?
Ans. Razia Sultan.

1987 Australian World Cup Winner Team Captain?
Ans. Allan Border
Which is Referred as ‘Black Gold’?
Ans. Coal.
The Great Grand Old Lady of Bollywood who Died in 2014?
Ans. Zohra Sehgal
Atmospheric Pressure Measured by which instrument?
Ans. Barometer
World Heritage Day?
Ans. 18 April
Deepika Karmakar is Associated with which Sports?
Ans. Gymnastic
World’s most Energy Efficient city?
Ans. Reykjavik, Iceland
Golden Pagoda Temple of Buddhist is Located at?
Ans. Myanmar.
BARC Director?
Ans. Sekhar basu
Prime Content(Element) of Diamond?
Ans. Carbon
Which Prime Minister has Hoisted Indian Flag on Red Fort for Maximum Times?
Ans. Jawahar Lal Nehru.
Famous Temple of Buddha in Indonesia?
Ans. Borobudur.

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