Jama Majid is located at ?
Answer :  Delhi

Golkonda fort is located at ?
Answer : Hyderabad

Who is viceroy when India got Independence?
Answer : Lord MountbattenIn

Which year Srilanka got Independence?
Answer : 1948

Which became the first district with NOFN high-speed connectivity? 
Answer : Idukki

Which is largest tiger reserve in India?
Answer : Nagarjuna Sreesilam

When was PSLV Launched for the first time?
Answer : 1994

The election commission is not responsible for whose election?
Answer : President and Vice President

Latest Engine in India for emission ?
Answer :  Bharat 4

Which airport is working based on solar energy 
Answer :  Kochi airport

Where is Virupaksha temple is located?
Answer : Hampi

What is amount given under pradhan manthri suraksha bima yojana? 
Answer : Rs.2 lakhs

Tungabhadra River from Tributary with ?
Answer : Krishna

AAU is for credit for emission of ?
Answer : Greenhouse Gas.?

Who is the founder of world wide web?
Answer : Tim Berners-lee 

Who is the father of Indian surgery?
 Answer :Sushruta

Ryder Cup is related to
Answer :  Golf

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