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Rock Paintings in Chintakunta , Kadapa

Chintakunta site belongs to the period of 8,000 BC-1,500 BC and is the biggest such site in South India. The site was explored and analysed by Dr Erwin Neumayer of Austria. Dr Erwin Neumayer has mentioned about Chintakunta caves in his book Line on Stone, the Prehistoric Rock Art of India .

The rock paintings and shelters belong to the paleolithic period and is largest site in south India.
Rock paintings and rock shelters belonging to Stone Age came to light in Sy no 425, Chintakunta village, Muddanur Mandal of Kadapa district. 

Rock paintings in Chintakunta caves have about 200 pictures of deer, snakes, birds, human beings, line forms, line drawings of human beings catching bow, elephants, foxes, rabbits, hyenas etc. These paintings are historical witness to the existence of ancient man here.

Chintakunta is located 42 Km from Kadapa. Nearest Railway station is Kadapa 42 Km and air port is Tirupathi 174 Km

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