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Reasoning in Bank Exam

1. Ravi borrows a sum of Rs.3000 at the beginning of a year. After four months Rs.4200 more is borrowed at a rate of interest double the previous one. At the end of one year, the sum of interest on both the loans is Rs.832. What is the first rate of interest per anum?
a. 9.67
b. 6.65
c. 2.69
d. 5.97
e. 6.69

2. A Raghu borrowed 50000 from two money lenders . For the first loan, he paid 28% pa as simple interest and for the second loan he paid 24% pa. If total interest he paid at the end of the year be 12560, how much amount did he borrow from each lender ?
 a. 6000
b. 8500
c. 12000
d. 14000
e. 16500

Directions  : Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
Eight person K,C,V,D,M,O,T and L are sitting around a square table, The Persons sitting at the corner are facing the center and the persons sitting in the middle are facing away from the centre. Each one of them like a different subjects away from the centre. Each one of them like a different subjects viz, English, Hindi, Civics, Geography, Physics, Biology, History and Chemistry but not necessary in the name order.

V is facing outward and sits third to the left of C, who likes Geography. .
K is not facing towards the table and he sits between the persons who like Civics and Hindi. .
O sits opposite K and likes English .
C and L are opposite each other. their favorite subjects are geography and Civics respectively. .
likes Biology and he is second to the left of O. .
The person who likes History is not next to M or O. .
The person who likes Physics sits fifth to the left of D, who likes Hindi.

3. Which of the following pairs sit between L and T when counted in anti-clockwise direction, starting from T?
a. C,O
b. K,D
c. V,C
d. M,O
e. Other than the given options

4. Who likes Physics?
a. O
b. T
c. V
d. D
e. Other than the given options

5. Four of the following five are alike a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
a. M
b. T
c. L
d. D
e. C

6. Who sits second to the left of the one who likes ‘History’?
a. V
b. M
c. One who likes Physics
d. Both 1 and 3
e. Other than the given options

7. Which of the following does not match correctly?
a. V-Facing towards the centre – Physics
b. T- Facing outward the centre – Biology
c. C- Facing towards the centre – Civics
d. O- Facing outwards the cenntre – History
e. All except 2

Direction (8-14) : Study the following information carefully and answer the question giv en below: There are five Players viz. P, R, S, T and V are from five different countries viz. Russia, China, India, Britain and USA, but not necessarily in the same order. They are the players of five different games viz. Football, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis and Badminton and use three cars viz. Mercedes, Maruti and Honda to travel but not necessarily in the same order. Maximum two players can share one car.

The player who goes along with the player who is from USA, plays Tennis. R plays football
V does not go with Russian footballer
S is from Britain but does not travel in Mercedes.
Hockey players belong to Russia.
One who is a player of football travels in that car which is shared by two persons. .
The one who plays Cricket likes to travel with whom who plays Badminton. .
Mercedes car is used by only one player. V is the player of Cricket. .
Chinese does not play Hockey or Tennis and does not like Honda. The one who play Football like Honda. . P. who is from India, cannot share his ride either with the player of ‘China’ or ‘Britain’. .
The player who is from Britain does not play Tennis.

8. Who among the following uses Mercedes car?
a. P
b. T
c. R
d. S
e. V

9. Who among the following is from USA?
a. R
b. P
c. S
d. V
e. T

10. ‘V’ belongs to which of the following countries?
a. Russia
b. USA
c. China
d. India
e. Britain

11. Which of the following players use (s) ‘Honda’ car?
a. R
b. S and T
c. V and P
d. P and R
e. R and S

12. ‘S’ plays which of the following games?
a. Tennis
b. Badminton
c. Hockey
d. Football
e. Cricket

13. ‘P’ travels with which country’s player?
a. India
b. Britain
c. USA
d. Russia
e. China

14. Which of the following is matched correctly?
a. S-badminton- Maruti-USA
b. R-Badminton- Honda-USA
c. V-Cricket- Maruti-China
d. P-Cricket-Maruti-USA
e. All are wrong

Reasoning in Bank Exam

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