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Railway Non Technical Exam Model Questions and Answers

1. The average height of 10 students in a class is 105 cm. If 20 more students with an averge height of 120 cm join the class, what will the new average height?
a. 105 cm
b. 110 cm
c. 112 cm
d. 115 cm
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2. In a bag, there are coins of 50 paise, 25 paise and one rupee in the ratio of 5 : 6 : 2. If there are in all Rs. 42, how many 25 paise coins are there?
a. 60
b. 52
c. 34
d. 42
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4. Six coins of gold and silver of equal weights are melted and new coins are cast. The ratio of gold and silver in one of the coins is 2 : 1, in another two coins 3 : 5 and 7 : 5 in the remaining coins. What will be the ratio between gold and silver respectively in the new coins?
a. 12 : 11
b. 1 : 1
c. 19 : 17
d. 42 : 25
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5. A shop deeper purchases 11 knives in Rs. 10 and sells them at the rate of 10 knives for Rs. 11. He earns a profit of
a. 11%
b. 15%
c. 20%
d. 21%
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6. Eight consecutive numbers are given. If the average of the two numbers that appear in the middle is 6, then the sum of the eigth given nimbers is
a. 36
b. 48
c. 54
d. 64
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7. If (1X2X3X4X…Xn) = n!, then (14! – 13! – 12!) is equal to
a. 14X12X(12!)
b. 14X12X(13!)
c. 14X13X(13!)
d. 13X12X(12!)
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8. A and B can do a job together in 12 days. A is 2 times as effecient as B. In how many days can B alone complete the work?
a. 36
b. 12
c. 18
d. 9
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9. The marked price is 20% highter than cost price. A discount of 20% is given on the marked price. By this type of sale, there is 
a. no loss no gain
b. 4% gain
c. 4 % loss
d. 2 % loss
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10. A tradesman marks his goods at such a price that atrer allowing a discount of 15%, he makes a profit of 20%. What is the marked price of an article whose cost price is Rs. 170?
a. Rs. 220
b. Rs. 200
c. Rs. 240
d. Rs. 260
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11. A sum of Rs. 7000 is divided among A, B and C in such a way that the shares of A and B are in the ratio 2 : 3 and those of B and C are in the ratio 4 : 5. The share of B is
a. Rs. 1600
b. Rs. 2000
c. Rs. 2400
d. Rs. 3000
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12. Tea worth Rs. 126 per kg and Rs. 135 per kg are mixed with a third variety in the ratio 1 : 1 : 2. If the mixture is worth Rs. 153 per kg, the price of the third variety per kg will be
a. Rs. 169.5
b. Rs. 170.0
c. Rs. 175.5
d. Rs. 180. 0
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Directions :   Select the related Letter/ words / numbers from the given alternatives.

13. PNLJ : IGEC :: VTRP : ?
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14. 123 : 4 :: 726 : ?
a. 23
b. 26
c. 14
d. 12
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15. Writer : Pen :: ?
a. Needle : Tailor
b. Artist : Brush
c. Painter : Canvas
d. Teacher : Class
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 Directions :   A series of given with one/two term (s) missing. choose the correct alternative to complete the series.

16. 4, 196, 16, 169, ?, 144, 64
a. 21
b. 81
c. 36
d. 32
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a. DR
b. RS
c. DS
d. MN
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18. Out of 100 families in the neighbourhood, 50 have radios, 75 have TVs and 25 have VCRs. Only 10 families have all three and each VCR owner also has a TV. Is some families have radio only. how many have only TV?
a. 30
b. 35
c. 40
d. 45.
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19. Suresh was born on 4th October, 1999. Shasikanth was born 6 days before Suresh. The Independence day of that year fell on Sunday. Which day was Shashikanth born?
a. Tuesday
b. Wednesday
c. Monday
d. Sunday
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20. Five boys A, B, C, D and E are sitting in a park in a circle. A is facing South-West, D is facing South-East, B and E are right opposite A and D respectively and C is equidistant between D and B.Which direction is C facing?
a. West
b. South
c. North
d. East
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21. At what time are the hands of clocks together between 6 and 7 ?
a. 32 8 / 11 min past 6
b. 43 8/11 min past 6
c. 30 5/7 min past 6
d. 32 5/7 min past 6
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22. In a row of girls, Kamla is 9th from the left and Veena is 16th from the right. If they interchange their positions, Kamla becomes 25th from the left. How many girls are there in the row?
a. 34
b. 36
c. 40
d. 41
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23. Among her children, Ganga’s favourites are Ram and Rekha. Rekha is the mother of Sharat, who is loved most by his uncle Mithun. The head of the family is Ramlal, who is succeeded by his sons Gopal and Mohan. Gopal and Ganga have been married for 35 years and have 3 children. How is mohan related to mithun?
a. Uncle
b. Sun
c. Brother
d. No relation
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24. From the given alternative words, select the word which can be formed using the letters of the given word. “DETERMINATION”
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25. If in a certain code HYDROGEN is written as JCJZYSSD, then how can ANTIMONY be written in that code?
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26. Two statements are given followed by four inferences. Select the alternative which is most appropriate. Statements India is becoming industrialized. pollution is a problem associated with industrialization. Inferences
I. All industrial centres are polluted.
II. India is polluted.
III. polluted nations are industrialized.
IV. India may become polluted.
a. All are appropriate
b.None is appropriate
c. Only IV is appropriate
d. Only II is appropriate
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Railway Non Technical Exam Model Questions and Answers

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