1. What is the capacity of a conical flask whose height is 21m?
I. Curved surface area of the flask is 3080m2.
II.Slant height of the flask is five- fourths of the radius of the flask.

2. The age of Rahul and Deepak are in the ration of 8.9. What is the age of Rahul’s wife, if she if eight years younger than Deepak?
I. The age of Rahul the Trisha are in the ratio of 4:3.
II. After 8 years the ratio of the ages of Rahul and Trisha will be 5:4.

3. The speed of which of the following trains is slower?
I. Train X of length 400m crosses another Train Y of length 300m in 20 seconds moving towards each other.
II. Train X crosses a platform of length 200 in 30 seconds while Train Y crosses a pole in 20 seconds.

4. Sumitra and Sushil started a business by investing the capitals in the ratio of 5:6. What is the amount of profit earned by Shilpa?
I. Shilpa joined them after 6 months investing the same amount as Sushil. After one year profit was earned. 43% of which was equal Rs. 25585.
II. Shilpa joined them after 8 months investing the same amount as Sumitra.

5. What will be the cost of 2 beds. 4 chairs and 3 tables?
I. The cost of five chairs and three tables is Rs. 6220. The cost of one chair is Rs. 420 less than the cost of one table.
II. The cost of one bed is equal to the cost of 3 chairs and 2 tables.

Directions (6-10) : What is the volue should come in place of question mark (?) in the following number series?
6. 48, ?, 94, 123, 156, 193
a. 74
b. 64
c. 65
d. 69
e. 76

7. 37, ? 65, 82, 101, 122
a. 50
b. 55
c. 45
d. 42
e. 48

8. 8, 48, 32, 192, ?, 1056
a. 181
b. 176
c. 167
d. 185
e. 171

9. 14, 28, 46, ? 94, 124
a. 64
b. 76
c. 82
d. 72
e. 68

10. 19, 23, 17.5, 60.5, ? 137, 625
a. 21.125
b. 24.125
c. 20.125
d. 30.125
e. 25.125

11. After receiving two successive raises, Ravi’s salary become equal to 15./8 times of his initial salary. By how much percent was the salary raised the first time if the second raise was twice as high (in percent) as the first?
a. 22
b. 25
c. 33
d. 42
e. 50

12. A Merchant gives 3 consecutive discounts of 10%, 15% and 15% after which he sells his goods at a percentage profit of 30.05% on the C.P.Find the value of the percentage profit that the shopkeeper would have earned if he had given discount of 10% and 15% only.
a. 53%
b. 56%
c. 62%
d. 62%
e. 68%

13. A sum of Rs. 1000 after 3 years of compound interest becomes a certain amount that is equal to the amount that is the result of a 3 year depreciation from Rs. 1728. Find the difference between the rates of C1 and depreciation. (Given C1 is 10% p.a.)
a. 2/3%
b. 3/4%
c. 4/5%
d. 5/3%
e. None of these

14. The probability that a contractor will get a plumbing contract is 2/3 and the probability that he will get an electric contract is 5/9. If the probability of getting atleast one contract is 4/5, what is the probability that he will get both the contracts?
a. 19/45
b. 17/46
c. 15/48
d/ 12/32
e.None of these

15. In an examination it is required to get 900 marks of the aggregate marks to pass. One of the students got 43% marks and he was declared failed by 40 marks. Find the maximum aggregate marks of the examination.
a. 500
b. 800
c. 1250
d. 1730
e. 2000

16. P.Q and R invested Rs. 10000, Rs. 12000 and Rs. 1300 in a business. After the end of 4 months all of them withdrew Rs. 1000. After a total of 8 months from the start of business all of them added Rs. 1000 in their investments. Find the ratio of their shares in total profit at the end of a year.
a. 29:35:38
b. 29:33:38
c. 21:35:38
d. 29:35:33
e. None of these

17. Two circles have their circumferences equal to 440 m and 528 m respectively. What is the difference between the area of the larger circle and the smaller circle?
a. 6776
b. 5665
c. 4665
d. 2335
e. 3355

18. Three types of pulses are mixed together. Their volumes are in a proportion to 5, 4 and 3 respectively and the weights of equal volumes are in proportion to 6, 5 and 4 respectively. What is the weight of the pulse of first type if the weight of the mixture is 248 kg?
a. 120 kg
b. 119 kg
c. 110 kg
d. 118 kg
e. 108 kg

Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers

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