01. The Indus Valley Civilization specialized in
A) Craftsmanship
B) All of these
C) Town Planning
D) Architecture
02. The Staple food of the Vedic Aryan was
A) Barley and Rice
B) Milk and its products
C) Rice and Pulses
D) Vegetables and fruits
03. The Preamble of our Constitution reads India as-
A) Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic
B) Sovereign, Democratic, Socialist, Secular Republic
C) Socialist, Sovereign, Democratic, Secular Republic
D) Democratic, Sovereign, Secular, Socialist Republic
04. We all know child labour is totally banned in India (Article 24). As per the Constitution of India, Child’ means a person who has not completed-
A) 14 years of his/her age
B) 16 years of his her age
C) 18 years of his her age
D) 20 years of his her age
05. How many Fundamental Duties are in the Indian Constitution?
A) Nine
B) Twenty
C) Twelve
D) Eleven
06. In India, Planned economy is based on-
A)Gandhian system
B) Socialist system
C) Capitalist system
D)Mixed Economy system
07. Which State of India has the largest area?
A) Uttar Pradesh
B) Madhya Pradesh
C) Maharashtra
D) Rajasthan
08. Which bank was earlier called the “Imperial bank of India’?
09. Mantle of the earth’s crust is-
A) A layer with the composition of solid mineral matter
B) A layer with the composition of fluid mineral matter
C) A Layer with the composition of semi-fluid mineral matter
D) A layer with the composition of gaseous mineral matter
10. The oldest Mountains in India are-
A) Aravallis
B) Himalayas
C) Vindhyas
D) Satpura

11. Which of the following types of soil are found in India?
A) Alluvial soil
B) All of the above
C) Black Soil
D) Red Soil
12. The Tropic of Cancer passes through-
A) Maharashtra
B) Andhra Pradesh
C) Madhya Pradesh
D) Uttar Pradesh
13. Coffee is largely produced in
A) Tamil Nadu
B) Assam
C) Kerala
D) Karnataka
14. Ampere is the unit of
A) Current electricity
B) Magnetic Field
C) Electric Charge
D) Resistance
15. The First Computer was programmed 
A) Assembly Language
B) Machine Language
C) spaghetti Code
D) source code
16. storage which stores or retains data after power-off is called.
A) Volatile Storage
B) Non-volatile Storage
C) Sequential Storage
D) Direct Storage
17. Bile is secreted by-
A) Liver
B) Pancreas
C) Kidney
D) Stomach
18. Who has written the book “War and Peace’?
A) Khushwant Singh
B) MichailSolokhov
C) Leo Tolstoy
D) Saul Bellow
19. Find out the odd one-
A) Magsaysay Award
B) Nobel Prize
C) Commonwealth Writers Prize
D) Jnanpith Award
20. “World Post Day” celebrated on-
A) 9th october
B) 7th April
C) 1 January
D) 14 November

21. Which one of the following Grand Slam title is also known as “Roland Garros’ title in Tennis
A) Australian Open
B) French Open
C) Wimbledon
D) U.S. Open

22. Which country is hosting the World Cup Football in the year 2018?
A) United States
B) Spain
C) Russia
D) Qatar
23. Find out the missing number-
5, 10, 13, 26, 29, 58, 61,

A) 122
B) 125
C) 128
D) 64
24. Deepak starts walking straight towards east. After walking 75 metres, he turns to the left and walks 25 meters straight. Again he turns to the left, walks a distance of 40 meters straight, again he turns to the left and walks a distance of 25 meters. How far is he from the starting point?
A) 140 meters
B) 50 meters
C) 115 meters
D) 35 meters
25. If PETS=60, then BICK =?
A) 27
B) 30
C) 28
D) 25

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