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Panchayat Secretary Question Paper & Key – Held on 23rd April 2017

1. Chandranna Bhima Scheme is an insurance scheme to cover death and disability in case of
(1) Unorganized workers
(2) Small farmers
(3) State Government employees
(4) APSRTC passengers
2. As per Andhra Pradesh Budget 2017 – 18, what portion of the Government’s expenditure is estimated to be spent on debt servicing,  debt repayments and interest payments during FY 2017-18
(1) 10.5%
(2) 12.5%
(3) 14.5%
(4) 16.5%
3. What is the name of the online forum for redressal of public grievances of the Government of Andhra Pradesh
(1) Meekosam
(2) Meeseva
(3) Marpu Nestam
(4) Marpu Kosam
4. As per the Andhra Pradesh Budget 2017 – 18 what is the position of Andhra Pradesh in India in the production of fruits
(1) First
(2) Second
(3) Third
(4) Fourth
5. What is the expected date of implementation of GST as informed by the Finance Minister of India
(1) 1st April, 2017
(2) 1st May, 2017
(3) 1st June, 2017
(4) 1st July, 2017
6. After the enactment of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, what amount of central Assistance is provided by the Central Government to the State of Andhra Pradesh till mid March, 2017 (rounded off to nearest crore of rupees)
(1) Rs. 25,461 crore
(2) Rs. 10,461 crore
(3) Rs. 5,461 crore
(4) Rs. 15,461 crore
7. Which of the following is not a function of NITI Aayog ?
(1) Providing directional and policy inputs to the Centre
(2) Fostering cooperative federalism
(3) Finalization of financial resource allocation to the States
(4) Acting as a knowledge hub
8. “Panta Sanjeevani” programme of the Government of Andhra Pradesh is on the
(1) Construction of farm ponds
(2) Distribution of rain guns
(3) Promotion of bio-fertilizers
(4) Promotion of organic farming
9. Find the next in the series :

10. Find the odd one out amongst the following.
(1) Square
(2) Rhombus
(3) Circle
(4) Parabola

Passage for questions no. 11 to 15
Three boys and three girls with names Srikar, Ravi, Ramu, Manju, Shobha and Keerthi are sitting in a row from north to south. All are facing east. No person, starting the name with the alphabet S’ sits at either of the ends. Manju is sitting left of a person whose name starts with ‘R’. Ravi is not sitting at the extreme end. A boy whose name starts with ‘R’ is sitting between two girls. One girl is sitting at one extreme end of the row. Keerthi is sitting to the right of Shobha who is to the right of a boy whose name starts with R’. Second in the row from the north side is a boy whose name does not start with the letter R. Between Srikar and Ravi, there is a girl. Between Ravi and Keerthi, there is a girl. Answer the questions ::
11. Who is sitting at the extreme south end of the row?
(1) Ramu
(2) Shobha
(3) Keerthi
(4) Manju

12. Who is sitting at the extreme north end of the row?
(1) Ravi
(2) Ramu
(3) Manju
(4) Shobha

13. Who is sitting in third place in the row?
(1) Manju
(2) Ravi
(3) Srikar
(4) Keerthi
14. Who is sitting in second place in the row
(1) Manju
(2) Sobha
(3) Ravi
(4) Srikar
15. Who is sitting between Ravi and Keerthi
(1) Ramu
(2) Shobha
(3) Manju
(4) Srikar
16. In the string of given letters a pattern is repeated, but at one place, the pattern is broken. Identify the missing letter(s) from the answer options. The string is
(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) AA
17. ‘Bird’ is to ‘Flock’ as “Subject” is to
(1) Object
(2) Story
(3) Populace
(4) Matter
18. Find the next number in the sequence
75, 50, 90, 65, 105, ?
(1) 120
(2) 80
(3) 85
(4) 135
19. Which is the odd one out ?
20. Akhil, Amala and Naga have two pets each One of them does not have a puppy. Amala is the only person to have a cat. Naga has a puppy. Akhil and Amala have rabbits. Rabbit and tortoise do not belong to a single person. Tortoise is the pet of one person. Who has the tortoise as a pet?
(1) Naga
(2) Akhil
(3) Amala
(4) None of the above
21. The 61st Amendment to the Constitution reduced the voting age from 21 to 18 years in case of elections to
(1) Local bodies
(2) Lok Sabha
(3) Legislative Assemblies of States
(4) Lok Sabha and Legislative Assemblies of States
22. From the following, identify the item on which only the Supreme Court has the original jurisdiction
(1) Protection of Fundamental Rights
(2) Inter State Disputes
(3) Civil and Criminal Appeals
(4) Public Interest Litigation
23. What is a Court of Record
(1) A court where judicial records are kept for security reasons
(2) A lower court
(3) A court whose decision becomes a precedent
(4) court to deal with litigation on records
24. out of the given answers, which situation in  does the Writ of Mandamus not lie to compel the Government
(1) Appoint a Commission to study climate changes
(2) Fill vacant seats in a Government Medical College
(3) Maintain cleanliness in railway stations
(4) Construct cyclone shelters in a cyclone prone area
25. our Constitution grants National Language status to
(1) English
(2) Hindi
(3) 22 languages
(4) None of the languages
26. If an Indian citizen settles in another country, can he obtain citizenship of that country while retaining the Indian citizenship
(1) No
(2) Yes
(3) Depends on the country
(4) Government can grant permission
27. Under the Right to Education conferred by the Constitution under “The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009” an unaided school has to admit what percentage of students from the weaker sections and disadvantaged groups in the neighbourhood in class I or pre-school, as applicable
(1) 15%
(2) 20%
(3) 25%
(4) 30%
28. What is “Composite floor test” in case of voting in a State Assembly
(1) Voting in the Assembly as directed by the Speaker to when there is more than one person staking claim to form Government and majority is not clear
(2) Voting in the Assembly as directed by the Governor when there is more than one person staking claim to form Government and majority is not clear.
(3) Voting in the Assembly to approve different bills at one time.
(4) Voting in the Assembly where in Legislators from Government and Opposition sit in a mingled fashion and vote in pairs.
29. Under Article 352 of the Constitution, the President can declare national emergency
(1) Suo Motu
(2) On advice of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
(3) On written advice from the Cabinet
(4) On advice of the Home Minister of India

30. If the posts of President and Vice-President fall vacant at the same time, who will act as the President of India
(1) The Prime Minister
(2) The Speaker of Lok Sabha
(3) The Chief Election Commissioner
(4) The Chief Justice of India

   1 – 30 Questions
   31 – 60 Questions
   61 – 90 Questions
   90 – 120 Questions
   120 – 150 Questions

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