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Many of us struggle a lot to prepare for competitive English subject, here lets make the path easy with our simple tips OF special edition here with us in our Daily News paper…. To improve our vocabulary lets begin with synonyms and antonyms in a parallel way of practising.


Abandon = leave x persist
Abate = decreases x increase
Abbreviate = abridge x extend
Abhorrence = hate x adoration
Ablaze = aglow x dim
Abolish = eradicate x retain
Acknowledgement =confession x denial
Acquit = exonerate x convict
Adept = accomplished x incompetent
Adjourn = defer x convene
Adulterate = contaminate x refine
Affluence = abundance x poverty
Aggression = attack x peace
Agony = pain x pleasure

Baffle = confuse x help
Banish = exile x welcome
Barbarous = cruel x civilized
Bless = bestow x condemn
Bliss = ecstasy x misery
Bloom = blossom x wither
Boast = brag x deprecate
Boon = blessing x curse/bane
Brisk = active x sluggish
Brutality = atrocity x kindness

Candid = frank x devious
Captivate = attract x repel

Damn = abuse x praise
Dearth = absence x abundance
Decency = artifice xdiscourtesy
Deception = artifice x honesty
Devotion = adoration x negligence
Devout = ardent x insincere
Differ = contradict x agree
Diligence = activity x laziness
Dilute = adulterate x oncentrate
Diminish = abate x enhance
Disastrous = calamitous x successful
Discover = detect x conceal
Discretion = care x rashness
Disguise = camouflage x expose
Disgust = offend x delight
Dismal = depressing x bright
Dismay = alarm x encourage
Dispel = dismiss x create
Dispute = contest x settle
Dissipate = consume x accumulate

Distant = far x close
Diverse = different x identical
Divorce = annulment x marry


Excitement= agitation x apathy
Exhale = breathe x inhale
Exhausting= arduous x refreshing
Exhibit = demonstrate x hide
Expand = elaborate x contract
Expel = banish x welcome


Foat = glide x sink
Flourish = prosper x decline
Fuid = liquid x solid
Foggy = cloudy x clear
Folly = absurdity x prudence
Forbid = ban x allow
Foreign = alien x native


Gorgeous = attractive x dull
Gradual = steady x sudden
Greedy = avaricious x abstemious
Greet = accost x ignore
Groan = moan x praise
Guilty = delight x apathy


Hardship = difficulty x comfort
Harm = hurt x benefit
Harmony = accord x conflict
Harry = annoy x help
Hasten = accelerate x delay
Hate = abhor x like
Haughty = arrogant x friend
Heavy = hefty x light
Hectic = busy x light
Height = altitude x leisurely
Help = aid x hinder
Hilarious = funny x grave
Hold = clasp x drop
Homosexual= poof x heterosexual
Honest = candid x devious
Honour = credit x disgrace


Ignorant = naive x wise
Illuminate = brighten x darken
Illusion = delusion x reality
Imaginary = fanciful x real
Imbalance = bias x parity
Imitation = copy x genuine
Immense = enormous x minute
Immoral = bad x good


Jeopardy = danger x safety
Jolly = cheerful x sad
Juvenile = boy x adult


Kind = generous x cruel


Laborious = arduous x easy
Lament = bemoan x rejoice
Landlord = owner x tenant
Large = big x little
Last = continue x cease
Leisure = rest x Work
Lend = give x borrow


Meagre = deficient x ample
Mediocre = average x distinctive
Meek = modest x arrogant
Mend = correct x destroy
Mental = psychiatric x physical
Minor = small x major
Minute = small x gigantic
Miraculous= amazing x natural
Mischievous= wicked x kind
Miser = scrimp x spend thrift
Moan = groan x rejoice
Modest = humble x vain


Naked = bare x covered
Narrow = close x broad
Naughty = bad x good
Necessities= requirements x clear


Obstinate = headstrong x submissive
Obstruct = bar x assist
Odd = abnormal x normal
Offend = annoy x please
Often = frequently x never
Omission = avoidance x addition
Omit = drop x add


Particular = exact x general
Partly = partially xcompletely
Passive = idle x active
Peace = calm x war
Peak = zenith x nadir
Peril = danger x security
Permit = agree x prohibit
Permanent= constant x temporary
Pity = compassion x cruelty
Plastic = flexible x rigid
Please = amuse x annoy
Pleasure = delight x pain
Polite = courteous x rude
Posh = grand x cheap
Potent = strong x weak
Poverty = aridity x affluence
Precede = come x succeed
Predecessor= ancestor x successor
Preface = forward x introduce
Prefer = elect x reject
Preliminary= primary x final
Presence = existence x absence
Preserve = conserve x destroy
Pretence = affectation x openness
Pretty = attractive x ugly
Previous = earlier x following/later
Pride = arrogance x humility


Quick = brisk x sluggish
Quicken = accelerate x deaden
Quiet = silent x noisy


Rare = scarce x usual
Rear = back x front
Rebuke = blame x praise
Receive = acquire x donate
Reduce = curtail x boost
Refuse = deny x accept
Reliable = dependable x doubtful
Reluctant = averse x eager
Remote = distant x close
Resist = confront x accept
Response = answer x query
Restore = recover x remove
Resume = continue x cease


Sacred = holy x profane
Scold = blame x commend
Scream = shriek x whisper
Secondary= auxiliary x primary
Secret = covered x open


Tense = exciting x calm
Transparent= apparent x opaque
Trauma = agony x relaxation
Tremendous= colossal x tiny
Trick = deception x genuine
Triumph = conquest x failure
Trivial = worthless x important
Trust = belief x doubt


Vacant = free x engaged
Valiant = bold x cowardly
Vanish = disappear x appear
Variation = change x uniformity
Veil = cover x expose
Vertical = upright x horizontal
Victory = success x defeat


Warm = heated x cool
Wealth = affluence x poverty
Weary = tired x lively
Whirl = burl x calm
Whisper = murmur x shout
Wicked = bad x good
Win = achieve x lose
Wise = clever x foolish
DIFFERENT TYPES of OUR WAY of EXPRESSIONS :  In our day to day life, we are forced to meet many demanding situations like Gratitudes, wishes, hanks,Apologising, Sympathy, Congratulations,  Greetings,  Introductions, Invita tions, Offerings, Declines, Asking Permissions, Advice, Complaining, warning, Accepta nce etc…Lets begin in step by step of each Expression here with some samples…

1. May I go / get / come / give /take ……?
2. Would it be alright if I go/get/come /give /take ……….?
3. Would you mind my going / getting / coming /giving /taking ……? 
1. It is very nice /kind / good of you.
2. Thank you very much indeed.
3. I am really grateful / thankful to you.
Responding to the expression of thanks
1. Ok. That’s all right. 
2. It’s my pleasure.
3. Please don’t mention. 
4. You are welcome.
1. I am so / very / awfully / terribly sorry for / about ………….
2. I am sorry, that was my fault.
3. Pardon me.
4. Please accept my apologies for …
5. I beg your pardon.
6. I apologize / I do apologize.
7. Please forgive me for …
Accepting an apology
1. That’s alright / Ok. 
2. Don’t worry.
3. Forget it. 
4. Please don’t feel bad about it.
1. I am so sorry to learn / hear that …
2. Don’t worry better luck next time.
3. You must be feeling terrible.
4. Please accept my / our condolences.
1. What a nice /smart/ wonderful / beautiful …
2. That is / was a nice / smart …
3. You look really smart/gorgeous/great/wonderful.
4. It was nice / great to hear that …
5. Congratulations on …
6. I was delighted to hear that ……/ about…
7. Let me / may I / I must congratulate you on 
1. Hi, Raj. How are you ?
2. Hello, Ram. Nice to see you again.
3. Good to see you again.
4. How are things with you ?
5. How is life I How is the world treating you
6. What’s new / what’s the latest ?
7. I trust you are keeping well / I hope all goes well with you.
Introducing oneself: – Good morning. I am … Excuse me my name is ..
Introducing others :- This is Mr / Ms Do you know …..? Have you met ……? Please meet my
friend/ brother … Let me introduce … May I introduce … I am sure you would like to me

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