1. palaeography : the study of ancient writings.

2. calligraphy : the art of beautiful handwriting.

3. cartography : the art of making chart and maps.

4. choreography : the art of designing steps in dances.

5. geography : the study of earth’s surface, physical features etc.

6. sitiomania : obsession with food.

7. pyromania : a strong desire to set fire to things.

8. doromania : obsessive desire to give presents.

9. megalomania : a strong feeling about one’s imaginary greatness.

10. dromonania : obsessive desire to travel.

11. agronomics : the science of land management.

12. phyrotechnics : the art of making fireworks.

13. chromatics : the science of colours.

14. linguistics : the study of languages.

15. obstetrics : the branch of medicine concerned with the birth of children.

16. anthropocentric : regarding man as the central fact of the universe.

17. anthropogenesis : the development of human race.

18. anthropometry : the measurement of the size and proportions of human body.

19. anthropomorphic : ascribing human qualities to a non-human being.

20. anthropology : the study of origins, beliefs, culture etc. of mankind.

21. hydrology : the scientific study of earth’s water.

22. hydrophobia : extreme fear of water.

23. hydroponics : the process of growing plants in water or sand.

24. hydrotherapy : the treatment of disease by doing physical exercise in water.

25. hydrolysis : a reaction with water which causes a compound to separate into its parts.

26. philanthropy : the practice of helping those in need.

27. philogyny : liking for women.

28. philately : the collection and study of postal stamps.

29. phiology : the collection and study of postal stamp

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