1. The Age of Dryden covers the reigns except
a. Charles II
b. James II
c. William – III
d. Louis XIV

2. In 1670, John Dryden was appointed poet laureate in succession to ?
a. Davenant
b. Thomas Shadwell
c. Nahum Tate
d. Nicholas Rowe

3. John Dryden’s The Hind and the Panter is ?
a. a defence of the Church of England
b. a defence of the Roman Catholic Church
c. a Political Satire in English
d. a satire on Education

4. Which work was Not published in 1682 ?
a. The Medal
b. Mac Flecknoe
c. The Hind and the Panther
d. Religio Laici

5. Shadwell a friend of Dryden’s replied in ‘The Medal of John Bayes’. The Dryden replied wish a savage attack on Shadwell in ?
a. The Medal
b. Mac Flecknoe
c. Religio Laici
d. The Hind and the Panther

6. Samuel Butler’s ‘Hudibras’ is a satire on ?
a. Modern society
b. Feminism
c. Puritanism
d. Education

7. John Dryden was poet Laureate from 1668. But lost this position in ………on the over throw of James II
a. 1670
b. 1675
c. 1688
d. 1690

8. Mathew Prior’s first major work was a satire on Dryden’s ?
a. Absalom and Achitophel
b. The Medal
c. Religio Laici
d. The Hind and the Panther

9. Which work is in the form of a dialogue between four friends with classical names including Dryden himself (Neander) ?
a. Essay of Dramatic Poesy
b. Preface to the Fables
c. Absalom and Achitophel
d. Religio Laici

10. History of the Royal Society (1667) was written by ?
a. Temple
b. Tillotson
c. Bishop Sprat
d. Bunyan

11. Which Bunyan’s work is in the form of a dream ?
a. The Holy War
b. The Pilgrim’’s Progress
c. The Life and Death of Mr. Badman
d. Grace Abounding to the chief of Sinners

12. Who is the greatest exponent of the puritan fain in prose in 18th century ?
a. Milton
b. Temple
c. Tillotson
d. Bunyan

13. Bunyan’s ‘The Holy War’ describes the war between
a. Man’s Soul and Goal
b. Devil and God
c. Man’s Soul and Devil
d. Man’s Soul and rymph

14. Who is not Diarist from the following ?
a. Temple
b. Roger North
c. Samuel Repys
d. John Evelyn

15. The following works were produced in jail while the authors were imprisoned except
a. The Holy War
b. A Hymn to the Pillony
c. Grace abounding
d. The Pilgrim’s Progress

16. Which is wrong related to Daniel Defoe’s works from the following ?
a. ‘Captain Singleton’ is a pirate
b. Moll Flanders and Roxana are prostitutes
c. Colonel Jack is a priest
d. The Journal of the plague year is a deceptive title for a work of historical fiction

17. In Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver visited the land of ?
a. Lilliput
b. Brobdingnag
c. Laputa
d. Houyhuhnons

18. Jonathan Swift’s ‘A Tale of a Tub’ is a 
a. Religious Allegory
b. Political Allegory
c. Allegory on Art
d. Social Allegory

19. Who is not a part in Kit – Cat Club?
a. Jonathan Swift
b. John Dryden
c. Richard Steel
d. Joseph Addision

20. ‘The Tatler’ the first issue of which appeared on 12th April 1709 was appeared?
a. Monthly
b. Fortnightly
c. Thrice a week
d. Once a week

21. How many essays were published in ‘The Spectator’s’
a. 555
b. 374
c. 294
d. 455

22. Pope’s the Rape of the Lock is a satire on?
a. Middle class society
b. Religion
c. Fashionable Society
d. Political

23. Pope’s ‘The Danciad ’ is a satire on?
a. Love
b. religion
c. dullness
d. honesty

24. Pope’s attack in the final version of ‘The Dunciad’ is?
a. Colley Cibber
b. Dryden
c. Theobald
d. John Arbunthnot

25. Like Paradise Lost, in which poem, Pope wanted to “Vindicate the ways of God to man”?
a. The Rape of the Lock
b. The Dynciad
c. The Essay on the Man
d. The Windsor forest

26. In Which Pope’s poem, the following lines appeared ……….. ‘Know then thyself, presume not God to scan; The proper study of mankind is Man.
a. The Dynciad
b. The Rape of the Lock
c. An Essay on Man
d. The Epistle to Dr Arbuth not

27. Arrange in chronological order of Pope’s works
a. The essay on Criticism, The Dunciad, The Essay on Man the Rape of the Lock
b. The Essay on Man, The Essay on Criticism, The Duneiad, The Rape of the Lock
c. The Essay on Criticism, The Rape of the Lock, The Dunciad, The Essay on Man
d. The Dunciad, The Rape of the Lock, The essay on Criticism, The Essay on Man

28. Pope’s most brilliant satires mixed with autobiography It contains the famous satirical portrait of Addison, the ‘Character of Atticus’ What is the name of the work ?
a. Epistle to Arbuthnot
b. The Dunciad
c. An Essay on Man
d. The Rape of the Lock

29. On whose monument is inscribed the following lines ? Life is a jest, and al, things show it : I thought so once, and now I know it.
a. Mathew Prior
b. John Gay
c. Pope
d. Swift

30. Poem ‘Wine’ and ‘Rural Sports’ were written by ?
a. Mathew Prior
b. Swift
c. Edward Young
d. John Gay

31. The Poem ‘Rural Sports ’ was an imitation of ?
a. Pope’s Windsor
b. Swift’s A Tale of tub
c. Dryden’s The Medal
d. Gray’s on Spring

32. ‘Elegy on the death of Addison’ was written by ?
a. Sir Samuel Garth
b. Issac Watts
c. Thomas Tickell
d. David Mallet

33. The line “ God Made the Country, and man made the town” from
a. The Cast way
b. The Task
c. On the Loss of the Royal George
d. On the Receipt of My Mother’s picture

34. Henry Fielding’s last novel is?
a. Tom Jones
b. History of the Late Mr Jonathan Wild the Great
c. Amelia
d. The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews

35. Parson Adams is one of the great Characters of English literature is appeared in ?
a. Clarissa
b. Joseph Andrews
c. Tom Jones
d. Pamela

36. Henry Fielding ‘s Joseph Andrews is linked with Richardson’s ?
a. Pamela
b. The Apprentice’s Vade Mecum
c. Clarissa
d. Sir Charles Grandison

37. Which work is called a comic epic in prose ?
a. Richardson Clarissa
b. Defoe’s Moll slenders
c. Dicken’s Great Expectations
d. Fielding’s Joseph Andrews.

38. Who was a physician apart from being a novelist?
a. Samuel Richardson
b. Henry Fielding
c. Lawrence Sterne
d. Tobias Smollett

39. Which novel begins with the sentence, ‘It is trite true observation that examples work more forcibly on the mind than precepts’?
a. Roderick Random
b. A Sentimental Journey
c. Joseph Andrews
d. Pamela

40. Fielding’s Tom Jones is dedicated to?
a. Tobias Smollett
b. Samuel Richard son
c. George Lyttleton
d. Stern

41. Mr. Mathew Bramble and Tabitha are the characters from?
a. Roderick Random
b. Peregrine Pickle
c. Hymphrey Clinker
d. Amelia

42. Choose the incorrect subtitle from the following works
a. Evelina- The History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World
b. Pamela- Virtue Rewarded
c. She Stops to Conquer- Mistakes of a Night
d. Tom Jones- History of Tom Jones, the Great

43. The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom is a novel by ?
a. Daniel Defoe
b. Fielding
c. Tobias Smollett
d. Laurence Sterne

44. Choose the odd work from the following
a. The Man of feeling
b. The Fool of Quality
c. The Old English Baron
d. The Man of the World

45. Which is the revolutionary novel from the following ?
i. Man As He Is
ii. Caleb Williams
iii. Anna St. Ives
iv. The Tender Father
a. i and ii           b. Only i
c. i, ii and iii     d. Only iv

46. Laurence Stern’s Tristram Shandy is known for ?
a. good plot
b. Good prose style
c. Eccentricities
d. High Seriousness

47. Richardson’s novels are known for its?
a. realism
b. High Seriousness
c. Satire
d. Sentimentality

48. The Heroic tragedy was introduced by
a. Dryden
b. Marlow
c. Thomas Otway
d. Sir William Davenant

49. Samuel Johnson’s London is a ?
a. essay
b. Poem
c. novel
d. Short Story

50. Which is not TRUE related to Samuel Johnson ?
a. He issued his plan for dictionary in 1747
b. Fifty two poets were included in ‘The Lives of the Poets’
c. The Vanity of Human wishes was published in 1745
d. He was the son of a book seller

1-D 2-A 3-B 4-C 5-B 6-B 7-C 8-D 9-A 10-C 
11-B 12-D 13-C 14-A 15-A 16-C 17-D 18-A 19-B 20-C 
21-A 22-C 23-C 24-A 25-C 26-C 27-C 28-A 29-B 30-D
31-A 32-C 33-B 34-C 35-B 36-A 37-D 38-D 39-C 40-C 
41-C 42-D 43-C 44-C 46-C 47-D 48-D 49-B 50-C

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