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National Integration – English Short Essay

People living in a country are called a nation. Their living together peacefully is national integration. This idea is not new to India. here exhibit great differences but they always remain one.India is a land of great diversity. People of different religions, languages and races live here.
They all live together peacefully. The English adopted a policy of divide and rule when we were their slaves. At the time of independence there were about 560 independent states. All these joined the Indian Union. The unity of India’s population was not shaken.
With independence we had political unity. Still there are forces that try to divide the society. They work in the name of caste, creed and language. These forces creates disturbances in society. They want to weaken India. We should be cautious against these. 
The nation should defeat all their efforts.Great leaders like the Mahatma and Nehru gave great importance to national integration. Social evils like untouched ability also divide the society. There are three major religions in India. Hindus, Muslims and Christians are living like brothers. occasionally this peace is disturbed. Passions rise temporarily. But soon everything becomes normal.
National integration is to be maintained at all costs. Students are to be taught its value. It is the need of the hour. Divisive forces should never be allowed to have the upper hand. Integration is the key to our progress.

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