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March 2017 Current Affairs Updates

1) India and which country have agreed on redesigning the Miyar Hydroelectric project?
a. Pakistan
b. Bhutan
c. Myanmar
d. Srilanka

2) Name the photojournalist who was honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award by I&B Ministry recently?
a. Ashok mittal
b. Rajan mitra
c. Raghu rai
d. Ramana chary

3) The World TB Day was observed on …… .
a. March 23
b. March 24
c. March 25
d. March 26

4) Lights were switched off around the world on 8:30 pm on 25th March 2017 to mark the which annual Earth Hour?
a. 8th
b. 9th
c. 7th
d. 10th

5) National War Memorial is being set up in which city?
a. New delhi
b. Kolkata
c. Agra
d. Mumbai

6) A third edition of the International Conference on Alternate Fuels and Raw Materials in the Cement Industry – Towards Realising Swachh Bharat Dream was held in which city?
a. Chennai
b. New delhi
c. Agra
d. Gurgaon

7) Which TV channel anchor won the first Kuldip Nayar journalism prize for promotion of independent thinking, democratic values and civil rights?
a. Star news
b. Zee news
d. TV12

8) Ankur Mittal won Gold medal in the Men’s Double Trap event at the (ISSF) World24 Cup held in Acapulco, Mexico. He won this in which sport event?
a. Wrestling
b. Boxing
c. Shooting
d. Karate

9) 23rd March 2017 was observed globally as ………
a. World environmental day
b. World meteorological day
c. World anti pollution day
d. World tree planting day

10) As per 2016 Human Development Report (HDR), India ranks …………… in the HDI.
a. 140
b. 138
c. 139
d. 131

11) Which state government has launched an ambitious programme to provide free WiFi facilities in colleges and universities?
a. Bihar
b. Gujarath
c. Sikkim
d. Nagaland

12) The Centre has approved a proposal to set up a national commission for OBCs with constitutional status. Name the newly proposed panel?
a. National Commission for Socially and Educationally Backward Classes
b. National Commission for Socially and Educationally Backward Categories
c. National Commission for Socially and Educationally Backward Culture
d. National Commission for Socially and Educationally Backward Category culture

13) The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) created history by commissioning the world’s third largest hypersonic wind tunnel at ………… .
a. Hyderabad
b. Thiruvananthapuram
c. Chennai
d. Mumbai

14) The World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD)was observed on……..
a. March 22
b. March 20
c. March 21
d. March 25

15) The World Poetry Day was celebrated on… …… .
a. March 22
b. March 23
c. March 24
d. March 21

16) President Pranab Mukherjee on 20 March 2017 presented the KCK International Award for excellence to Rakesh Sharma. The award was awarded to him for the excellence in which field?
a. Literature
b. Print journalism
c. Editorial page excellence
d. Poetry

17) NASA is set to send its next-generation atomic clock to ………. in late 2017.
a. Moon
b. Space
c. Poles
d. Equator

18) Which Indian Institute of Technology is the first academic institution to get supercomputing facility under the National Super computing Mission?
a. IIT Pune
b. IIT Mumbai
c. IIT Kharagpur
d. IIT Madras

19) Among the following , which is the correct one in the provisions of the Finance Bill 2017?
a. Aadhaar card to be made compulsory for applying for PAN
b. Cash transaction limit to be INR 2 lakhs
c. Aadhaar card mandatory for filing income tax returns
d. All above

20) Who among the following has been appointed as new Member (Traction) Railway Boardand ex officio Secretary to the Government of India with effect from 21 March 2017?
a. Ghanshyam singh
b. Sireesh kumar
c. Sunandan chatterjee
d. Sudha goel

21) Which of the following statements are true about national observers?
1. PT Usha, Anju Bobby George are national observers for athletics
2. Dr Sanjeev Kumar Singh for archery, aparnapopat for badminton, mary kom, akhil kumar for boxing
3. Jagbir singh for hockey, abhinav bindra for shooting, somdev for tennis, karnam malleswari for weight lifting
4. Sushil kumar for wrestling, vijayan for football, khajan singh for swimming and kamalesh for table tennis
a. Only 1 & 2 are true
b. Only 2 & 3 are true
c. Only 3 & 4 are true
d. All 1,2,3 and 4 are true

22) Which (Prevention and Control) Bill 2014 aims at equal rights while seeking treatment, education and job by those people?
a. HIV Prevention and Control Bill 2014
b. AIDS Prevention and Control Bill 2014
c. HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Control) Bill 2014
d. TB (Prevention and Control) Bill 2014

23) With how many countries India is working for information exchange on cyber crimes and bilateral cooperation on tackling it?
a. 15
b. 17
c. 19
d. 20

24) International Day of Forests was celebrated on……..
a. March 22
b. March 21
c. March 23
d. March 25

25) The river, that became the first in the world to get same legal rights as a human being?
a. River ganges
b. River Nile
c. River narmada
d. River Whanganui

26) The meteorologist., who was called the “Monsoon Man of India” died recently. Name him?
a. Dev raj sikka
b. Devender singh
c. Dev kumar chola
d. Dev kumar bholenath

27) Name the Indians who made it to the WEFYoung Global Leaders List?
a. Ambarish mitra
b. Vijay shekhar sharma
c. Shruti shibulal
d. All above

28) According to Bloomberg Global Health Index , Which country has been ranked as the healthiest on earth?
a. Italy
b. India
c. Srilanka
d. USA

29) Name the bank among the following, which is being merged with SBI to ensure banking outreach to women?
a. Bharatiya Mahila bank
b. Central bank
c. ING Vysya bank
d. Punjab national bank

30) According to the World Happiness report 2017, Which country was named the world’s happiest?
a. Sweden
b. Norway
c. Switzerland
d. Cuba

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