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Mahabharata General Knowledge Questions with Answers | మహాభారతం జనరల్ నాలెడ్జ్

MAHABHARATA General Knowledge Questions with Answers మహాభారతం జనరల్ నాలెడ్జ్ 

mahabharat telugu కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం

Q1:  Can  you  name  the  lake  formed  by the  drops  of  Ganga  which  descended  from  the matted locks of Lord Shiva?

Q2:  Which  name  connects  one  of  the  Kaurava  brothers  with  a  Gandharva  king  who  fought with Arjuna and was defeated in the battle?

Q3: What was the capital of Panchala?

Q4: Dushala: only sister of Duryodhana was the wife of which warrior?

Q5:  This  is  a  beautiful  purple  flower  with  shades  of  white  and  mauve.  The  flower  lends  its name to banner of Abhimanyu. Can you name the flower?

Q6: Which Nishad king was the father of Ekalvya?

Q7: Name the conch of Nakula

Q8: The king of chedis, he was killed by Krishna during Rajsuya-yagna. Name the king ?

Q9:  A  Bengali  film  based  on  Saratchandra  Chatterjee  novel  Pather  Dabi  (The  demand  of  the road)  was  made  on  him.  The  film  was  called  Sabysachi-one  of  the  names  of  Arjuna  who could use both his hands equally well in battle. Name the Indian revolutionary ?

Q10:  Which  great  snake  is  said  to  be  the  bed  of  Vishnu,  bearing  the  world  on  its  thousand hoods?

Q11:  In  Peter  Brook’s  production  Mahabharata  which  famous  Indian  performer  and  social activist essayed the role of Draupadi?

Q12: Anantavijaya is the conch of which king?

Q13:  She  completed  her  version  of  a  children’s  Mahabharta  when  she  was  12. Tara  Books recently published the book. Name the young writer ?

Q14:  Can  you  name  the  Shyam  Benegal  film  which  explores  a  cinematic  contemporary treatment on the Mahabharata?

Q15: Who is Ghatokach’s mother?

Q16:  While  battling  with  cancer,  she  finished  a  brilliant  rendering  of  Mahabharata.  Daughter of the great Kannada writer, T.P Kailasam. Name the lady

Q17: Who commanded Kauravas on the 18th day of the war?

Q18: Who wrote the famous play Andha Yug?

Q19:  One  of  Tagore’s major  poems  talks  about  the  imaginary meeting  of  which Mahabharata characters. One is Karna. Can you name the other?

Q20: Which minor but significant character was called Yuyudhana?

1: Bindusaras
2: Chitrasena
3: Kampilya
4: Dushhala
5: Kovidhara
6: Hiranyadhanus
7:  Sughosha
8: Sisupala
9: Rashbehari Bose
10: Adishesha
11: Mallika Sarabhai
12: Yudhistira
13: Samhita Arni 
14: Kalyug
15: Hidimbi
16: Kamala Subramaniam 
17: Shalya 
18: Dharmavir Bharati
19: The dialogue of Karna and Kunti
20: Satyaki, cousin of Lord Krishna

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