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Why Advertise with us?

  • Advertisers will get genuine traffic from my blog. Because my blog gets traffic from search engines and from other social media networks.
  • I don’t use rotation of ads. One ad slot for one ad. Your ad appears in every page load.
  • My ad slots and ad sizes are flexible according to advertisers need.
  • We give value to the advertiser and their needs.
  • Advertisers can ask us for new ad slots or new ad sizes other than fixed ad slots and sizes.
  • We send ad performance reports weekly to advertiser’s mail.
  • You need not to buy ad slot for one month. You can buy some page views. I will charge only $0.5 per cpm. If you want to trial, you can buy ad slot for some cpm. And check your ad performance. If you satisfied, then only buy ad slot for one month or for longer periods.

Payment Options and Contact Us

We accept Payments via  direct or Bank transfer.

My contact mail id is

Terms and Conditions

We always give priority to the advertisers. That is the reason why we don’t put too many condition. Please don’t think that these are my conditions, actually these are my requests.

*Amount is not refundable.
We can change price at any time, because my traffic changes every day. It is better to buy for longer period. Once you buy, we don’t change price for that period.

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