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Improve your GK | Explained Questions and Answers for APPSC , RRB, SSC, IBPS, SBI Clerks

1: The Srivilliputhur area in Tamil Nadu is well-known for which species of squirrel?
Ans: Grizzled Giant

2:  An  ISRO-Airport  Authority of  India  venture,  this  Indian  top-up  of  the  United  States’ Global  Positioning  System  improves  locational  readings  for  airlines  pilots  flying  in  the domestic sector. Name the top-up ?
Ans: GAGAN (GPS Aided Geo-Augmented Navigation)

3:  Roshanlal  Vishwakarma  is  a  founder  of  Bud  Chipper.  A  NABARD  Hall  of  Fame  inductee, the chipper is meant to prune what?
Ans: Sugarcane

4:  In  the  50th  edition  of  the  premier  division  of  the  national  championship  16-year  old  G. Akash emerged as the youngest winner in the five decade history. Which sport?
Ans: Men’s Chess

5:  Born  in  Faridpur  which  is  present  day Bangladesh  in  1934,  he  went  on  to  become  a legend  in  Indian  literature.  Recently,  passed  away, his  first  novel  is  called  Atmo  Prakash (Self-Revealation). Name the author ?
Ans: Sunil Gangopadhyay

6:  In  which  year  did  British  lay  down  the  890  km  MacMohan  Line  that  demarcates  the border between India and China?
Ans: 1914

7:  What  is  common to Muhammed Shafi Pandit  (1968  batch),  Iqbal  Khandey  (1978). Khurshid  Ganai  (1982),  Asghar  Samoon  (1992),  Shah  Faisal  (2009),  seven  more  in  2010  and 11 successes in 2011?
Ans: Kashmiris in the merit list of All India Civil Services Examination 

8: Which Sikh Guru founded the Tarn Taran Sahib?
Ans: Guru Arjun Dev-fifth Guru (1563-1606)

9:    Tina  Modotti,  the  Italian actress  and  the  subject  of  a  Pablo  Neruda  poem  travelled  to Mexico  and  met  Indian  agronomy  professor  Pandurang  Khankoje  and  they  together collaborated  on  a  remarkable  set  of  photographs  on  rural  conditions.  Marathi  nationalist Khankoje, also happened to be one of the founders of which party?
Ans: Ghadar Party

10: Who founded the Rock Street Journal in Allahabad?
Ans: Amit Saigal

11:  Which  national  park  carved  out  of  Sanjay  National  Park  of  erstwhile  Madhya    Pradesh is  named  after  the  founder  of  the  Satnami  sect  and  is  located  on  Riva-Sidhi-MirzapurVaranasi highway?
Ans: Guru Ghasidas National Park

12:  Two  clues:  1:  Sets  Sail  for  India  on  December  16,  1896  on  the  Prince  Regent  Lutipold; 2: Had a close association with Ajit Singh-Raja of Khetri?
Ans: Swami Vivekananda 

13: Who is the lyricist of the song Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna aaj hamare dil mein hain?
Ans: Ram Prasad Bismil 

14: In which city in India would you find the historic Mehrangarh fort? 
Ans:  Jodhpur

15:  In  a  corner  of  the  courtyard  lies  a  wooden  cabinet  with  five  relics  of  the  Prophet known  as  Dargah  Asar  Sharif. These  were  inherited  by  the  Mughals  from  Timur  who  in  turn got  them  them  from Sultan  Bayazid  Yaldaram  from  Turkey. Kept  safely,  are  a  treasure  trove that  includes  a  set  of  two  Arabic  writings  in  Kufic  script  on  deerskin. which  is  the handwritten  Quran  of  Hazrat Ali,  son-in-law  of  the  Prophet  and  excerpts  of  Quran  Sharif translated  by Imam  Hasan-grandson  of  the  Prophet. Can  yoiu  name  the  historic building  we are referringto?
Ans: Jama Masjid-Delhi

16:  Which  patron  saint  of  Lahore  and  one  of  the  finest  embodiments  of  inter-faith harmony was  asked  by Guru  Arjun  Dev  to  lay  the  first  stone  of  the  Golden  Temple  on January 15, 1588 AD?
Ans: Sain Hazrat Mian Mir who mostly resided in Begumpura town in Lahore 

17:  Which  well-known  national  park  also  the  location of  Marsar  Lake  from  which  flows  the Dagwan river literally means 10 villages?
Ans: Dachigam 

18:  To  safeguard  the  sanctity  of  which  Indian  heritage  brand  came  under  the    the enactment  of  Geographical  Indications  of  Goods  (Registration  &  Protection  Act,  1999)  in 2003  and  this  became  first  Indian  product  to  receive  a  GI  tag  2004-05  through  the  Indian Patent Office? 
Ans: Darjeeling Tea

19:  This  sect  was  formed  on  a  sand  dune  called  Samrathal  Dhora  in  Thar  desert  of Rajasthan  by Guru  Jambeshwar.  Consisting  of    teachings that  are  covered  by 29  principles, 120  shabads  and  sandhya  mantra,  this  sect  is  one  of  the  finest  examples  of  people  making bio-diversity as one of the cornerstones of their existence. Name the sect ?
Ans: Bishnois

20:  Who was  the  first  Indian  vice-president  who  did  not  become  the  President  of  the country? 
Ans:  Gopal  Swarup  Pathak  (August  31-1969  to  August  30-1974)  

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