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Important General Knowledge Questions for IBPS | SBI Clerks

01). Kaushik Basu has been appointed as the chief economist of …. ?
A)  World bank
C) Asian Development Bank
D) Asian Development Bank Institute
E) None of these

02)  PVSindhu who was in news recently is a …. ?
A) Badminton Player   
B)  Tennis Player
C) Chess Player    
D)  Table  Tennis Player
E)  None of these

03). Which among the following city is the host for 13th International conference on Mobility and transport for elderly and disabled persons (Transed ) 2012?
A) New Delhi
B) Mumbai
C) Kolkatta
E)  None of these

04) . Recently in which of the following country, the ‘Senahiya’ military hospital was inaugurated by Indian Defence Minister   AK  Antony ?
A) Japan
B) Bhutan 
C) Nepal
D) Maldives
E)  None of these

05). A term loan is classified as a non-performing asset, if interest or installment is overdue for period exceeding how many days?
A) 90
B) 91
C) 180
D) 182
E) None of these

06).  Which of the following is an interest bearing demand deposit?
A)  Time Deposit
B) Re-investment deposits
C) Cash Certificates
D) Savings Bank account
E) None of these

07). Ideal Credit deposit ratio for a bank is ?
A) 60%
B) 40%
C) 90%
D) 30%
E) None of these

08).  Which among the following ministry conducts Census in India ?
A) Home affairs
B) Human Resource Development
C) Planning Commission
D) Statistics and Planning
E) None of these

09). Who is regarded as father of India’s  White Revolution ?
A) M S Swaminathan
B)  Verghese Kurian
C) O P Murugappa
D) Gadgil Shetter
E) None of these

10). Recently the Union Cabinet has allowed .. % of FDI in the civil aviation sector ?
A) 49% 
B) 50% 
C) 51%
D) 75 %
E) 65%

11). Who was recently honoured with  ”Cricketer of the year” by the ICC?
A)  Virat Kohli      
B) Kumara Sangakara
C) M S Dhoni
D) Hashim  Amla       
E) Sachin  Tendulkar

12). Recently which among the following bank became the first bank in the country to offer ”RuPay kisan card” with  Aadhar  Authentication?
A)  Andhra Bank
C) Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC)
D)  Vijaya Bank      
E) Bank of Maharashtra

13). What is the annual average economic growth rate target revised by the planning commission for the 12th five year plan from 9% envisaged earlier?
A) 8.00%
C) 8.2%
D) 8.3 %
E) 7.9%

14). Who among the following will be the next Chief  Justice of India after S H Kapadia ?
A)  Altamas Kabir
B) Dheer Madura
C) G S Singhvi         
D) Rakesh Mathur
E) None of these

15). The 52nd national open athletics championship was recently held in?
A) New Delhi
B) Chennai
C) Kolkatta
D) Mumbai
E) Hyderabad

16). Who among the following has been  elected as the new Prime Minister of Libya ?
A) Mustafa abbu Shagour
B) Mohd Gilani
C) Mehmoud Ul Khannum
D) Mohd Gadaffi    
E) None of these

17). Which of the following is not one of the RBI directives on clean note policy?
A)  Currency note packets are not to be stapled and secured with paper bands
B) Soiled notes are to be stapled before they are remitted to Currency Chest
C)  Water mark window of bank notes shall not contain any writings
D)  Currency notes are to be sorted into Issuable and non-issuable notes
E) None of these

18). Trade control in India is regulated by?
C) EXIM Bank
E) None of these

19). Which of the following is a public sector Bank?
E) None of these

Answers : 
01)-C; 02)-A; 03)-D; 04)-D; 05)-A;
06)-D; 07)-A; 08)-A; 09)-D; 10)-A;
11)-B; 12)-C; 13)-C; 14)-A; 15)-B;
16)-A; 17)-B; 18)-D; 19)-A;

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