l. Which among the following country in south Asia has highest GDP per capital (current prices)?
1 . India                                                                                      

2. Bangladesh
3. Sri Lanka
4. Maldives
2. The Government of India (GOI) has launched which scheme for online release of new LPG connections?
1. Sulabh
2. Saral
3. Smile
4. Sahaj
3. What is the theme of 21st edition of Delhi Book Fair 2015?
1. Child Development
2. Women Development
3. Skill Development
5. Technology Development
4 Which of the following countries countries Independence Day on August 31?
1 Trinidad and Tobago
2. Malaysia
3. Kyrgyzstan
4 All of the above
5, India’s Himadri Station is located in
1. Arctic   
2. Antarctic
3. Eastern Himalaya
4. Western Himalay
6. Who has been appointed the Secretary General of the Commonwealth of Nations?
1. Kalyani Kaul
2. Patriciascotland
3. Prithvi Raj Singh
4. Swati Dandekar
7. Historian Noboru Karashima of japan recently die. Why he was significant for India?
1. He was given Bharat Ratna for his contribution to South Indian History
2. He was chairman of the Indo-Japnese Business Council
3. He was an authority on South Indian History
4. He was instrumental in India getting huge humanitarian helps from Japan
8. RK Trivedi died recently. What of the followingis not true about him…
1. He was Vice-President of India
2. He was Chief Election Commissioner of India
3. He was Governor of Gujrat
4. He introduced Voter ID cardsin India
9. Why Turkish city Antalya was in news?
1. This city recently witnessed unprecedented mass demonstration by workers
2. UN General Assembly was held here
3. The city was attacked by terrorists
4. G-20 Summit was held here
10. Name the agency  whose reports said that Corruption, bribery make 25 of  frauds in india
1. Thansparency international 
2. IMF
3.  World Bank.    
4. Krill Inc
11. The Science which deals with study of skin is Called
1. odontology
2. Dermatology
3, orithology
4.  Numismates
12, Physiology is mainly concerned with
1. growth of the body 
2, activity of the body
3, structure of the body
4. displeased of the body
13, The study of earth as called
1. Etrymology
2. Seismology
3. Geomorphology
4. Pedology

14.Numismatics is the study of
1, Coins and medals
2. Numbers
3. Hands
4. None
15. Ultrasonies is the study of pressure waves that have
1. speed greater than that of the sound
2. Speed less than that ofthe sound
3. Speed equivalent to the speed oflight
4. Frequencies above the audible limit
16. La place suggested that the material that later formed the solar system was originally a disc- shaped rotating?
1. Star
2. Nebulae
3. Supernova
4. Pulsar
17. The time taken by the Uranus to revolve round the sun is approximately
1.76 years
2.80 years
3. 84 years
4.90 years
18.  As an object moves from the earth The gravitational force acting on it.
1. becomes less
2. remains constant
3. becomes greater
4. depends on the size of the object
19. The largest amount of energy the earth receives from the sun is in the form of
1. X rays
2. gamma ray
3. visible light
4. infra red and heat energy
20. A type of ray that appears to originate outside of the earth is
1. the X-ray
2 the cosmic ray
3. the alpha ray
4. the beta ray
21, It is difficult to get a petrol fire extinguished with 2 water because?
1. Petrol has lower specins gravity than water

2. Petrol has higher specific heat than water
3. petrol burning uses oxygen in  the water
4. None
22. If in an insulated room, the door  of a refrigerator is left open for a long time then
1. The room temperature remains The  some.   
2.The room coolls down
3. The room heats up
4. None
23. The relative humidity of a place is measured by the
1. Amount of Sunshine
2. Amount of water vapour in the air
3 Amount of the rainfall in the past 24 hours
4. Strength of the wind
24. The boiling point of a liquid on a mountain will
1. Increase
2. Decrease
3, Remain same
4. Decrease or increase according to the quantity of liquid
25. When ice melts into water, its
1. Volume increases 
2. Volume decreases
3. Mass increases  
4. Mass decreases
26. Who did the main crusade in abolishing Sati Pratha?
1. Lala Lajpat Rai
2. Mahatma Gandhi
3. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
4. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
27. Which of the following statements about Raja Ram Mohan Roy is not correct?
1. He worked for the abolition of sati
2. He was prejudiced against western learning
3. He was against the caste system
4. He was against idol worship
28. Which of the statements is not correct about Raja Rammohan Roy
1.  A great social reformer
2.  Preached the ideals of human brotherhood and the unity of Go4.
3 Wanted to revive the glory of the Vedas.
4. Ignored the rigours of the cast system.
29. The partition of Bengal met with unprecedented opposition from the people ofIndia because
l. they did not believe that the plea given by Lord Curzon that it was done to suit the administrative convenience
2, they believed that it was done to create a gulf between the Hindus and Muslims with the objective of weakening the national movement.
3, they believed that the British Govt was trying to wean away the Muslims from the National Movement
4. None of the above
30. Partition ofBengal was undertaken with the view of
l. Suppressing the revolt arisen
2. Satisfying the Hindus and he Muslims
3. Meeting the demand by the Hindus and the Muslims for a seperate state
4, Dividing the Hindus of west and East Bengal and increasing Hindu-Muslim tensions
31. What is most significant regarding partition of Bengal in 1905?
1. The English undertook partition without consulting the local population
2. The English established that they were strong people
3. Muslims were seperatised from other people
4. This paved the way for involvement of people in national movement.
32. Champaran where Gandhiji weni in April 1917 and ultimately by agitation succeeded in getting the Champaran Agrarian Actof 1918 passed is in
1. Punjab
2. U.P
3, Tamil Nadu
4, Bihar
33. Who was Gandhiji’s political Guru?
1. Dadabhai Naoroji
2. Bal GangadharTilak
3. Gopal Krishna Gokhale
4 Surendranath Banerjee
34. As a recognition ofhis service in the First World War the British Government awarded the
Kaiseri Hind medal to
1. Subhash Chandra Bose 
2. Motilal Nehru
3. Gopal Krishna Gokhale
4. Mahatma Gandhi
35. Amongst the following, the person who influenced Mahatma Gandhisthinking mostwas
1. John Ruskin
2. Romain Rolland
3. Leo Tolstoy
4. Karl Marx
36. Which of the following facts regarding Lord Wellesley is not correct?
1. He ousted the French from India
2. He brought under the British rule the Nawab of Oudh, the Nizam and the Peshwa
3. He made the British Government the paramount power in India
4. He introduced the civil service in indi l
37. The censorship of press started during the Governor Generalship of
1. Lord Wellesley
2, Lord Rippon
4. Lord Mayo
3. Lord Minto
38. During the tenure of Lord Wellesley the company extended its control over Oudh
1. by removing the Nawab
2. by conquest in war
3, through Subsidiary Alliance
4. Under the Doctrine of Lapse
39. The Govemor-General who suppressed the 4 Pathans and Pindaris was 46. l Lord William Bentinck 
2, Lord Dalhousie
4. Lord Mayo 
3. Lord Rippon

40. Who introduced English education in India?
1. Lord William Bentinck
2. Marques Hastings
3. Lord Cornwallis
4, Lord Rippon
41. “Everything else can wait, but not agriculture. The above statement is attributed to
1. Jagjivan Ram
2. Jawahar Lal Nehru
3. Mahatma Gandhi
4. Sardar Patel
42. The head office of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is located in
1. Lucknow
2, Hyderabad
3. New Delhi
4. Mumbai
43. Industrial licensing was finally abolished  Was few exception) in the
1. Industrial  police 1970
2. Industrial Policy, 1980
3. Industrial Policy, 1991
4.industrial policy 1995
44. in the pattern of industrialization with lower emphasis on heavy industries and more on 51 The infrastructure begins in
1. Fourth plan
2 Sixth Plan
3. Eighth plan
4. Tenth Plan
45. Perspective planning is the plan which is made for 15 to years by the planning commission
20  in view of the
1. Agro objectives
2. Social and political objectives
3. Science objectives
4. None of these

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