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IBPS / SBI Banking and Financial Awareness

1. In which year the global financial crisis  (GFC) started with the failure of Lehman Brothers ?
a) 2012
b) 2008
d) 2016
e) 2009

2. Some State Governments in India proposed to issue Special Securities, for a notified amount under the Ujjwal Discom Assurance Yojna Scheme (UDAY). The Special Securities will have a face value of how much ?
a) Rs.100/-
b) Rs.200/-
c) Rs.300/-
d) Rs.400/-
e) None of these

3. High value loans against gold of Rs.1 lakh and above must only be disbursed (in banks etc.) by which method ?
a) Cash
b) Cheque
c) Only Rs.500 notes
d) Only Rs.100 notes
e) None of these

4. In the abbreviation NBFC-D, the letter D stands for what?
a) Deal
b) Deposit (NBFC-D: Deposit taking Non-Banking Financial Company)
c) Drive
d) Draft
e) None of these

5. In the abbreviation NBFC-ND-SI, the letters ND stand for what?
a) Non-Deposit taking
b) Non-Destructive
c) No Demand
d) Net Demand
e) None of these

6. “Book value of the assets and interest accrued thereon but not received” is called as what?
a) Carrying cost
b) Fixed cost
c) Variable cost
d) Average cost
e) Marginal cost

7. “Break up value” means what?
a) Value to break a ship
b) The equity capital and reserves as reduced by intangible assets and revaluation reserves, divided by the number of equity shares of the investee company;
c) Cost to break a van
d) Value of books
e) None of these

8. “Net assets” are defined as what?
a) Total assets other than cash and bank balances and money market instruments
b) Shares value
c) Debentures value
d) Movable property value
e) None of these

9. ‘Macaulay duration’ measures which of the following ?
a) It measures the price volatility of fixed income securities. It is often used in the comparison of interest rate risk between securities with different coupons and different maturities
b) Summer holidays
c) Winter holidays
d) Sankranti holidays
e) None of these

10. Every Non-Banking Financial Company shall make provisions for standard assets at 0.35 percent by the end of March 2017 and 0.40 percent by the end of March 2018 and thereafter, of the outstanding, which shall not be reckoned for arriving at net NPAs. In the abbreviation NPA, the A stands for what?
a) Aspect
b) Asset (NPA: Non-Performing Asset)
c) Auditor
d) Attorney
e) None of these

11. PPIs that can be issued in the country are classified under how many categories?
a) Closed system prepaid payment instruments
b) Semi-closed system prepaid payment instruments
c) Open system prepaid payment instruments.
d) All the above three categories
e) None of these

12. In the abbreviation CFT, the letter C stands for what?
a) Cash
b) Collateral
c)Combating (CFT : Combating Financing of Terrorism)
d) Cooling
e) Cost

13. The maximum value of any prepaid payment instrument, where specific limits have not been prescribed, shall not exceed how much?
a) Rs.10,000/-
b) Rs. 50,000/-
c) Rs.500/-
d) Rs.1000/-
e) None of these

14. All prepaid payment instruments issued in India shall have a minimum validity period of how many years from the date of activation/issuance to the holder?
a) One year
b) 2 years
c) 3 years
d) 5 years
e) None of these

15. Acquisition of State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Patiala and State Bank of Travancore was made by State Bank of India in terms of sub section (2) of Section 35 of the State Bank of India Act. When State Bank of India Act was passed?
a) 1935
b) 1955
c) 1949
d) 1969
e) None of these

16. Registered Foreign Institutional Investor (FII)’ means a foreign institutional investor registered with which of the following ?
b) Securities and Exchange Board of India
c) LIC
d) GIC
e) None of these

17. What is ‘Tom delivery’?
a) Delivery of foreign exchange on a working day next to the day of transaction
b) Delivery of goods
c) Delivery in hospitals
d) Delivery in a house
e) None of these

18. As per Section 45ZI (1) and (2) of Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934, the Reserve Bank shall organize at least how many meetings of the Monetary Policy Committee in a year?
a) Two
b) Three
c) Four
d) Only one
e) None of these

19. What is NDS-OM?
a) NDS-OM is a screen based electronic anonymous order matching system for secondary market trading in Government securities owned by RBI.
b) It is a car
c) It is a cartel
d) It is an association
e) None of these

20. All branches of Bharatiya Mahila Bank Limited will function as branches of which bank from April 1, 2017?
a) SBI
b) PNB
c) Allahabad Bank
d) United Bank of India
e) None of these

21. The Reserve Bank of India performs Financial Supervision function under the guidance of the Board for Financial Supervision (BFS).  When the Board was constituted as a committee of the Central Board of Directors of the Reserve Bank of India?
a) 1982
b) 1969
c) November, 1994
d) 1980
e) None of these

22. What is the objective of Board for Financial Supervision (BFS)?
a) Primary objective of BFS is to undertake
consolidated supervision of the financial sector comprising commercial banks, financial institutions and nonbanking finance companies.
b) To control inflation
c) To increase GDP growth of India
d) To encourage industrial production
e) None of these

23. Which initiatives are taken by Board for Financial Supervision(BFS) ?
a) Restructuring of the system of bank inspections
b) Introduction of off-site surveillance
c) Strengthening of the role of statutory auditors
d) Strengthening of the internal defences of supervised institutions
e) All the above

24. Where is Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT)?
a) Lucknow
b) Kolkata
c) Chennai
d) Hyderabad
e) None of these

25. RTGS applicable for Transaction above how much amount?
a) Rs. Two Lakhs
b) Rs.One lakh
c) Rs.50,000/-
d) Rs.10,000/-
e) None of these

26. In the abbreviation NEFT, the E stands for what?
a) Earnings
b) Estate
c) Electronic
d) Excise
e) None of these

27. When the Core Principles for Effective Deposit Insurance Systems were issued by the International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS)?
a) 1959
b) 2010
c) June, 2009
d) 2012
e) 2014

28. “Bridge bank” refers to what?
a) To an entity that is established to temporarily take over and maintain certain assets, liabilities and operations of a fai led bank as part of the resolution process
b) Bridge on a river
c) Bridge near sear
d) Bridge in an island
e) None of these

29. “Deposit insurance” is defined as what?
a) Insurance policy
b) Insurance Agent work
c) A system established to protect depositors against the loss of their insured deposits in the event that a bank is unable to meet its obligations to the depositors
d) Collection of deposits
e) None of these

30. Effective from April 1, 1981, the DICGC extended its guarantee support to credit granted to small scale industries also, after the cancellation of the Government of India’s credit guarantee scheme. With effect from April 1, 1989, guarantee cover was extended to the entire priority sector advances, as per the definition of the Reserve Bank of India. However, effective from April 1, 1995, which loans have been excluded from the purview of guarantee cover by the DICGC?
a) All agriculture loans
b) Educational loans
c) All housing loans
d) Gold loans
e) None of these

31. DICGC came into existence on July 15, 1978. In the abbreviation DICGC, the letters CG stand for what?
a) Course Guarantee
b) Credit Guarantee (DICGC: Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation)
c) Cost Guarantee
d) Creative Grant
e) None of these

IBPS / SBI Banking and Financial Awareness

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