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I Forgot to Backup My System Data – Computer Problems & Solutions

I forgot to backup my data

Unfortunately, backup is still an overlooked security task for many home users – until the day it is too late. Important documents, photos, music libraries and emails are automatically stored on your computer’s hard drive, which is a mechanical and electrical device. When it breaks down (and it is when, not if) this data will disappear forever.

Even if you have a warranty from the hard drive manufacturer, it does not cover your data, it only replaces the hard drive with a new one. 

Tips: Find a solution that automatically makes backup to an external hard drive, server or cloud service. If you choose to back up to a hard drive, make sure that it is not placed near your computer as in case of fire it will also be destroyed. Backup should preferably be an automated process that operates independently of whether you remember it or not.

Online backup solutions have the advantage that you can access your data from anywhere in the world. They are not affected by natural disasters, and most online services guarantees 100% security by providing backup to their backup.

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