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How to Reduce Mental Distress to use Home Drugs – Health Tips in Telugu

Drugs to Reduce Mental Distress in the House
Day by day the pressure is high. Family-related issues, such as work that could be caused by chemical changes in the brain, becoming the cause of stress. Stresses that these drugs reduce the miraculous good fortune that we are at home.
Vitamin ‘B’ : 
  • Vitamin ‘B’ brain and the rest of the nervous system that improves the performance. Whole grains, beans, peas nuts, liver, eggs and dairy products, vitamin ‘B’ are rich.

Hot Water Bath
  • Due to the good sense of the bath with hot water, will rest. Just as the muscles relax in a hot water bath for 5 minutes, angry will get relief from such.

Green Tea
  • Green tea is good for health “, which is poly phenol, and kyatecins phlavanayids have antioxidant, such as the peace of mind it. Furthermore, thiamine, containing the amainoasid, will reduce stress.

  • You are under pressure, eat a bowl of oatmeal. Oates, rather than to combat the high levels of fatty substances, brings peace of mind. They also eat fruits and dessert, including in.

  • The brain is a very wholesome and effective exercises to overcome the pressure of work. Doing regular exercises of the day, rather than aggravate the self-confidence, physical and mental health improved.

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