Nannari sharbat business is one of the best business in summer days its very easy to make i saw in kadapa market to make nannari sharbat in bottles each bottle rate is more than 50/- 

Here is the ingredient list and method.

Nannari root – 50 gms
Sugar – 1/2 Kg
Water – 1 litre
Jaggery(powdered) – 2 tblspn
milk – 1 tspn
nannari sharbat కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం
    nannari sharbat కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం

Nannari root resembles very much like the mahagony root, which is used for pickling.
Wash and clean the roots well. Slightly crush the roots using a stone mortar and pestle. The roots are very hard, so slight crushing is enough. Crushing is for better penetration of the nannari essence to the water.

Boil half the quantity of water. When it starts boiling, add the crushed roots to it and boil for 2 minutes. Remove from fire. Keep it aside.

Take another vessel with the remaining water. Add sugar to it.
When the sugar is fully dissolved and it starts boiling, add a teaspoon of milk to remove the scum if any.

Strain the water boiled with the root and add to the syrup.

Add jaggery and boil the syrup to one string consistency. Jaggery is added to get that golden hue to the syrup and it also adds to the thickness of the syrup.
Cool and bottle it.


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