Homophones are words having same sound with different meaning and spelling. Homonyms are words, having the same spelling but different meaning

1. Please keep _______ (quite/quiet).
Answer :      He is _____(quite/quiet) correct.

2. There is a _________ (deer /dear) in the park.
Answer :      She is _________ (deer/dear) to me.

3. Everyone has to _________ (die/dye) one day.
Answer :      Don’t ________ (dye/die) your hair.

4. She wants to have beautiful __________ (heir/hair)
Answer :      He is an ________ (hare/heir) to the property.

5. He has a _______ (right/rite) to vote.
Answer :      He has performed the marriage _________(rights/rites).

6. He has produced the _____ (caste/cast) certificate to get scholarship.
Answer :      Don’t_________ (caste/cast) pearls before a swine.

7. He _______ (quotes/coats) lines from Shakespeare.
Answer :      He wears a costly _____ (coat/quote) for the function.

8. She _____ (prays/preys) to God everyday. 
Answer :      The eagle is a bird of _____ (pray/prey).

9. The classes are suspended due to bad _________ (Whether/weather) conditions.
Answer :      I shall do it _______ (whether/weather) you like it or not.

10. He _______(cites/sites) the evidences in the court.
Answer :      He has five cents of _______ (site/sight)

11. He is suffering from a dangerous ________ (disease/decease)
Answer :      They have recognized the ______ (disease/deceased)

12. The officer ordered his men to _____ (seize/cease) the fire.
Answer :      The enemy ________ (seized/ceased) the fort.

13. We sleep in the ________ (night/knight)
Answer :      The ________ (knight/night) is for the security of the nation.

14. He has worn a _________ (new/knew) shirt.
Answer :      He _________ (knew/new) the facts of the case.

15. We need _________ (piece/peace) of mind.
Answer :      Take this _________ (piece/peace) of bread.

16. He shouted ________ (aloud/allowed)
Answer :      He was ________ (allowed/aloud) into the class.

17. This car is for _______ (higher/hire )
Answer :      This is a _______ (higher/hire) secondary school.

18.Please _______ (check/cheque) the luggage.
Answer :      Take the ________ (cheque/check) and draw the money.

19. ______ (pour/pore) water into the glass.
Answer :      Sweat passes through the _____(pores/pours) of the skin.

20. He has played a prominent ________ ( role/roll) in Indian politics.
Answer :      Don’t ________ (role/roll) it.

21. She has a ________ (fare/fair) face.
Answer :      What is the bus ______ (fare/fair) for Hyderabad.

22. It’s an interesting ______ (story/storey)
Answer :      It’s a five ______ (storied/story) building.

23. This is a ______ (stationary/stationery) shop.
Answer :      The bus dashed against a ___(stationary/stationery) lorry.

24. You have to take my _______ (advise/advice)
Answer :      The police _______ (advice/advise) people to carry their driving licenses with them.

25. He has _______ (adapted/adopted) himself to the new environment.
Answer :      She has ________ (adopted/adapted) a child.

26. The _________ (assent/ascent) of the Governor is necessary for the bill.
Answer :      The __________ (ascent/assent) of Everest is difficult.

27. He has explained the topic with ________ (apposite/opposite) examples.
Answer :      There is a college _________ (opposite/apposite) the hospital.

28. We have reserved two _________(berths/births) in the train.
Answer :      The baby weighed three kilos at _______ (birth/berth)

29. Soldiers should act according to __________ (cannons/canons) in the battle.
Answer :      India used the _________ (cannons/canons) in the kargil war

30. He played a _______ (dual/duel) role in the film.
Answer :      The ______ (duel/dual) between John and Peter was interesting.

31. Gold is a valuable ________ (metal/mettle)
Answer :      Indian Army proved its ________ (mettle/metal) in the kargil war.

32. He comes with _______ (bare/bear) feet.
Answer :      I have seen a _________(bare/bear) in the forest.

33. He doesn’t eat ______ (meat/meet)
Answer :      I want to ______(meet/meat) my friend tonight.

34. Many ___________ (complimented/complemented)
Answer :      Nehru on his excellent English. Where is the _______(compliment/complement) in the sentence.

35. He is the _______ (sole/soul) surviving member of the family.
Answer :      He believes that his _______(sole/soul) reaches god after his death.

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