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Geography and Geo Science Objective type Questions and Answers

1. The highest peak in India is
(A) Kanchenjunga
(B) Mount Everest
(C) Mount Godwin Austen K2
(D) Dhaulagiri
2. Eutrophication results
(A) Killing of fishes
(B) Growing of algae
(C) Depletion of oxygen
(D) All of these
3. The beach stands in Kerala are rich in-
(A) Radium
(B) Calcium
(C) Thorium
(D) Manganese
4. The only landlocked country is South East Asia is–
(A) Thailand
(B) Malaysia
(C) Kampuchea
(D) Laos
5. Richter scale is for measuring the-
(A) Velocity of winds
(B) Force of earthquake
(C) Atmospheric pressure
(D) Temperature of a place
6. Imaginary lines connecting places in oceans having equal salinity are called–
(A) Isobars
(B) Isotherms
(C) Isohalines
(D) Isohyets
7. Which one of the following regions specialises in the cultivation of citrus fruits
(A) Mediterranean region
(B) Equatorial region
(C) Tundra region
(D) Polar region
8. The planet which has the shortest period revolution-
(A) Venus
(B) Pluto
(C) Mercury
(D) Earth
9. Anti-cyclones are caused by-
(A) Heavy rainfall
(B) Violent winds
(C) Winds that flow spirally outward iron the centre
(D) Winds that route round the centre of minimum of low barometer pressure
10. Ultra-basic rocks are tbase vihich huve-
(A) Excess of silicates
(B) No silicates
(C) Silica
(D) Excess of carbonate
11. Corel reefs are characteristics o
(A) Pacific ocean
(B) Indian ocean
(C) Mediterranean sea
(D) Atlantic ocean
12. space age begin with-
(A) Spuntik I
(B) spuntik
(C) US mariner 2
(D) Explorer I
13. hvet are the lines
(A) Joining area of equal snowfall
(B) Joining area of equal rainfall
(C) Joining area of equal height
(D) None of these
14. Which one of the following contributes largely to green house effect?
(A) Carbon monomide
(B) Ozone
(C) Carbon dioxide
(D) Water vapour
15. The continued drought in Gujarat is dae so-
(A) Change in direction of trade winds
(B) Movement of air masses
(C) Local hot winds
(D) Bad matasoon
16. Earlier navigators used to find their directions in the high seas with the help of which star constellation
(A) The Polaris
(B) The crux
(C) The Great Bear
(D) None of these
17. Ocean currents are
(A) Currents of ocean
(B) Rivers of cold water merging with the ocean
(C) Rivers of warm water merging with the ocean
(D) Rivers of cold or warm water flowing in an ocean
18. Lignite is found in India in-
(A) Rourkela
(B) Neyveli
(C) Hazaribag
(D) Raniganj
19. The cloud that develop ‘anvil’ is-
(A) Stratus
(B) Cumulonimbus
(C) Cirrocumulus
(D) Nimbostratus
20. The phenomenon recognised in the eighties which affects the world’s weather once in every 4 to 5 years is supposed to have been present in 1997. The name of the phenomenon is-
(A) Earthquake
(B) El Nino
(C) La Nino
(D) Active Monsoon

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