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Genomics Objective Type Questions and Answers

1. FGS stands for
(A) Full genome sequencing
(C) Foreign gene system
(D) Factual Gross system
(B) Factor of genome sequencing
2. Which of the following determines the complete DNA sequence of an organism genome at a single time
(A) Whole genome sequencing
(B) Gene biodiversity
(C) Genetic population
(D) Genetic drift
3. Full genome sequencing of an organism entails
(A) Chromosomal DNA only
(B) DNA contained in mitochondria only
(C) DNA contained in chloroplast only
(D) All of the above
4. Full genome sequencing would have been nearly impossible before the advent of the-
(A) Microprocessor
(B) Computers
(C) Information age
(D) All of these
5. Computational genomics and their analysis include
(C) Both DNA and RNA
(D) None of the above
6. Computation genomics chiefly focuses on understanding the-
(A) Human genome
(B) Cyanophycean cells
(C) Virus genome only
(D) All of the above
7. Nitrogenomics is the branch of study of genomics pertaining to
(A) Pyrimidine base and phosphate utilisation
(B) Nitrogen utilisation
(C) Hydrocarbon utilisation
(D) All of the above
8. The sum total of all individual organism’s gene is called
(A) Genome
(B) Telome
(C) Plurome
(D) Hydrome
9.  Bacteriophages have played and continue to play a key role in-
(A) Molecular biology
(B) Bacterial genetics
(C) Both (A) and (B) are correct
(D) Viral protein coat
10. Which of the following organism’s genome is / are known today?
(A) Acaryochloris
(B) Prochloris
(C) Synechococus
(D) All these

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