1. IRS series satellites are used for:
a) Communication
b) Astronomy
c) Remote sensing
d) Forestry

2. Which city in India is known as Space city?
a) Madras
b) Hyderabad
c) Trivandrum
d) Bangalore

3. ‘Indradhanush’ is a bilateral air exercise between India and:
a) USA
b) France
c) UK
d) Israel

4. Which one of the following place is unlikely affected by a cyclone?
a) Chennai
b) Mangalore
c) Puri
d) Amritsar

5. The driest part of India is:
a) Western Rajasthan
b) Jammu and Kashmir
c) Gujarat
d) Madhya Pradesh

6. Gold is mainly found in:
a) Polar
b) Katni
c) Kolar
d) Khetri

7. Dalmianagar of Bihar is Famous for:
a) Silk
b) Cement
c) Leather
d) Jute

8. The ore of Aluminum is:
a) Bauxite
b) Chromium
c) Mica
d) Manganese

9. In India the most important source of energy is:
a) Nuclear power
b) Hydroelectric power
c) Petroleum
d) Coal

10. The Spice Garden of India is:
a) Himachal Pradesh
b) Karnataka
c) Kerala
d) Assam

11. Terrace forming is done:
a) On the slope of hills
b) In dry regions
c) On roof tops
d) On mountain tops

12. Kanchipuram is in which of the following states?
a) Kerala
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Tamil Nadu
d) Karnataka

13. The Southernmost point of India is:
a) Kerala
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Little Andaman
d) Great Nicobar

14. The commodity which accounts for the maximum volume of goods transported by the Railways in India is:
a) Iron and Steel
b) Coal
c) Mineral oil
d) Non-ferrous metallic ores

15. Zojila pass connects:
a) Kashmir and Tibet
b) Leh and Kargil
c) Nepal and Tibet
d) Leh and Srinagar

16. By which name does the Brahmaputra enter into India?
a) Manas
b) Dhansiri
c) Dihang
d) Tsangpo

17. The port specially developed for exporting iron ore to Japan is:
a) Haldia
b) New Tuticorin
c) Paradeep
d) Vishakhapatnam

18. Which one among the following has the largest shipyard in India?
a) Kolkata
b) Kochi
c) Mumbai
d) Vishakhapatnam

19. Most of India’s rainfall is:
a) Cyclonic
b) Convectional
c) Elusive
d) Orographic

20. The red color of the red soil is due to:
a) Phosphoric acid
b) Humus
c) Nitrogen
d) Iron

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