Which has a fur coat: a frog or a bear? a bear Is a snake a reptile or an amphibian? a reptile What’s the common two-word term for your navel? 
Answer :   belly button
Do you brush your teeth every day to remove plaque or cavities?
Answer :   plaque

Name two of the three things needed for photosynthesis to occur.?
Answer :   light, carbon, water
Is the aorta part of the human heart, lungs or stomach? 
Answer :   the heart
Which cells have walls made from cellulose: plant cells or animal cells? 
Answer :   plant cells
Which one works on batteries: a cell phone or an oven? 
Answer :   a cell phone 
What four things do most green plants need to make their own food? 
Answer :   sunlight, air, water, soil 

How many teeth does an adult human usually have? 
Answer :   32
Which has the fastest winds on earth: a hurricane, a cyclone or a tornado? 
Answer :   A Tornado
Which are not predators: panthers, human beings or elephants? 
Answer :   Elephants
Does blood return to the heart through veins or arteries? 
Answer :   veins
Find two words for the same body part: pancreas, windpipe, trachea, diaphragm. windpipe, trachea
Which gives off heat: the sun or the moon? the sun Oil spills from a ship will NOT pollute the water. True or false? 
Answer :   false (It will. Oil is a pollutant.) 
What do you call the deep holes on the moon? 
Answer :   craters
How much of our body weight is water: one-quarter, one-half or two-thirds? 
Answer :   Two – Thirds
What forms when water droplets in a thundercloud freeze into  lumps of ice?
Answer :   Hail
Which has positive electric charge: a proton or a neutron? 
Answer :   a proton
On which planet would you weigh the most: Jupiter, Saturn or Neptune? 
Answer :   Jupiter (because acceleration due to gravity is strongest on Jupiter)

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