What will a caterpillar change into?
Answer :   A Butterfly (or a moth)

Which habitat is best for a cactus: a desert, a pond, or a rain forest?
Answer :   A Desert

Name the part of the ear that vibrates when sound waves reach it. ?
Answer :   The Eardrum

Name the instrument that is used to measure the strength of an earthquake.?
Answer :   A Seismograph

What are the two main gases in the air that we breathe?
Answer :   Nitrogen and Oxygen

Plants that don’t make seeds reproduce by forming …what?
Answer :   Spores (tiny cells that grow into new plants)

During the Space Shuttle program, did the U.S. launch spacecraft from the Johnson Space Center in Houston or the Kennedy Space Station at Cape Canaveral? 
Answer :   The Kennedy Space Station at Cape Canaveral (in Florida)

Which season comes after summer?
Answer :   Fall or Autumn

Which is a mammal: a shark or whale?
A Whale

Earth is covered mostly by…what?
Answer :   Water

Are volcanoes found mostly on land or in the ocean?
Answer :   In the Ocean

The final flight of the thirty-year U.S. space shuttle program was performed by  Atlantis in 2011. True or false?
Answer :   True

What is NASA an acronym for?
Answer :   National Aeronautics  and  Space Administration

Does a lever pivot on an axle or on a fulcrum?
Answer :   On a Fulcrum

Most plants grow from seeds. True or false?
Answer :   True

Which do not feed their young: mammals, birds or reptiles?
Answer :   Reptiles

Which constellation is commonly known as “the Big Dipper”: Ursa Major, Ursa Minor or Sagittarius?
Answer :   Ursa Major

Which tree is not deciduous: a pine, a maple or an elm?
Answer :   A pine (Its leaves don’t all fall off in the wintertime.)

A brother and sister can be identical twins. True or false?
Answer :   False (They are fraternal twins. Only children of the same sex can be identical twins.)

Sunlight is colorless. True or false?
Answer :   False (Think of the rainbow.)

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