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General Awareness Quiz for IBPS | SBI Clerks

1. India’s Turn: Understanding the Economic Transformation” and “Eclipse: Living in the Shadow of China’s Economic Dominance written by ?
1) Kaushik Basu
2) Raghuram Rajan
3) R. Gandhi
4) Arvind Subramanian
2. Which International Financial Institution agreed to provide $100 million for ‘Karnataka Urban Water Supply Modernization Project’ on 24 May 2016?
1) Asian Development Bank
2) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
3) World Bank
4) New Development Bank
3. On 16 May 2016, which foreign bank announced to exit India retail operations in a phased manner?
2) Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait B.S.C.
3) Bank of Nova Scotia
4) Royal Bank of Scotland
4. HRD ministry selected whom as the technical partner for its prestigious SWAYAM platform for open online courses?
1) Microsoft
2) Oracle
3) Wipro
4) Infosys
5. Newly elected five Rajya Sabha Members taken oath of office. Among these, Suresh Prabhu the Railway minister of India elected to Rajya sabha from ?
1) Telangana
2) Rajasthan
3) Karnataka
4) Andhra Pradesh
6. Which power plant is a joint venture between NTPC and Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB)?
1) Vindhyachal
2) Mundra
3) Sampoor
4) Talcher
7. World’s first electric road inaugurated by?
1) USA
2) Germany
3) Sweden
4) India
8. India banned the import of milk and milk products from which nation till June 2017?
1) New Zealand
2) USA
3) China
4) Russia
9. 17 th International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Award ceremony 2016 held in ?
1) Macau, China
2) Madrid, Spain
3) Berlin, German
4) Venice, Greece
10. Which Indian neighbour nation appointed Fazle Kabir as the Governor of its Central Bank?
1) Pakistan
2) Nepal
3) Bangladesh
4) Maldives
11. IMF and India made an agreement for setting up of the IMF’s South Asia Regional Training and Technical Assistance Center (SARTTAC) in India. Who re-elected as the President of IMF?
1) Jim Yong Kim
2) Takehiko Nakao
3) Christine Lagarde
4) K. V. Kamath
12. CASA accounts, a key pillar of any public sector bank’s business in India recently reducing. In this context, CASA stands for ?
1) Current And Salary Account
2) Core And Savings Account
3) Current And Savings Account
4) lar And Savings Account
13. On 28 June 2016, RBI said that GNPAs or bad loans, of commercial banks may rise to 8.5% of total assets by March 2017, from 7.6% in March 2016. In this context, GNPA stands for
1) Goal Non-Performing Assets
2) Great Non-Performing Assets
3) Gross Nice-Performing Assets
4) Gross Non-Performing Assets
14. Which of the following films won Best Film award in IIFA on 25 June 2016?
1) Talvar
2) Tanu weds, Manu Returns
3) Bajrangi Bhaijaan
4) Bajirao Mastani
15. Gudni Johannesson won lceland’s presidential election. What is the currency of Iceland?
1) Dollar
2) Krona
3) Pound
4) Sol
16. Which of the following nations was not elected as the non-permanent member of UNO Security Council on 28 June 2016?
1) Ethiopia
2) Bolivia
3) Norway
4) Sweden
17. Which of the following nations is not the permanent member of UNO Security Council?
1) India
2) USA
3) UK
4) Russia
18. DBS Bank launched a ‘mobile-only bank in India, named as the Digi Bank. It uses the technologies, such as biometrics and artificial intelligence, to enable paperless, signature-less and branchless bank. Where is the headquarter of DBS Bank?
1) The Netherlands
2) USA.
3) UK
4) Singapore
19. Mobile payment solution Touch & Pay launched by which bank, the first contactless mobile payment solution to enable its credit and debit customers make in-store contact-less payments by just waving their smart phones near an NFC-enabled merchant terminal?
1) Punjab National Bank
2) Bank of Baroda
3) ICICI Bank
4) HDFC Bank
20. Green Transport written by?
1) Namod Parthasarathy
2) Rani Iyer
3) Pramila Chakravarthy
4) Kishore Andale

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