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Follow This Steps Before You Check Blood Pressure – Health Tips in Telugu

Blood Pressure Monitoring should be Done This before
It would be two to three times a month to check blood pressure the most. However, some of the tension that often fall in blood pressure. But some precautions before BP check.
Being tested policy plays a major role in blood pressure when you sit. Support your back should be straight. Reclining chair and sit back. Put both feet on the floor face. BP is looking to put his hand to rest on the table. Part of the chest, arm in arm to keep myself in the midsection.
In advance, at least a half-hour before going to administer a blood test in assessing coffees, teas, cigarettes taken. All of which can temporarily increase blood pressure.
No one is being tested, then do not speak. Speak, hear, not knowing that a slight increase in pressure. The aggregate correct value of BP
Either physically, mentally or no anxiety, stress, even at the time of the increase in blood pressure. So any ideas in mind, the concern should not be set. Stop abandon the time, such as urine output should reach the small tensions.
The two arms are better off to get the test. The difference between the two may be at least 20 points. It will be taken into consideration in both the medical experts say much.


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