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English Quiz – SSC CGL Tier 1

1. The workers are hell-bent at getting what is due to them.
A) hell bent through getting
B) hell bent for getting
C) hell bent on getting 
D) No improvement

2. Cessation of arms before a formal treaty is signed during war:
A) Embargo
B) Armistice
C) Accord
D) Retreat

3. A place that provides refuge:
A) Asylum 
B) Sanatorium
C) Shelter
D) Orphanage

4. Purple prose:
A) a dark spot
B) a blemish in otherwise good work
C) multicolored decoration
D) writing that is unnecessarily or ornateflowery

5. Steal a march:
A) outshine 
B) defy
C) challenge
D) resist

6.the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.
A) Persistence
B) Discontinuity
C) Continuity
D) Endurance

7. I, you and he should try to visit Sri Lanka
A) should try
B) to visit Sri Lanka
C) I, you and he 
D) No error

8. The hypocrites always pass themselves ………….. as honest persons.
A) Off 
B) On
C) About
D) Down

9. As I entered the conference hall, I got the hang ……………. conspiracy.
A) To
B) Off
C) Of 
D) Upon

10. the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.
A) Creating ill will
B) Feigning illness
C) Defaming
D) Being habitually lazy

11. The use of radar as well as two-way radio paging make it possible for state police tointercept most speeders.
A) make it possible
B) makes it possible
C) allows the possibility
D) No improvement

12. They are not beware of all the facts.
A) are not beware
B) are not aware of
C) are not to be aware
D) No improvement

13. Before the rain would stop, they would have reached home.
A) No error
B) reached home
C) Before the rain
D) would stop

14. To surround on all sides:
A) Buyoff
B) Fleece
C) Envelope 
D) Squeeze

15. A family of young ones:
A) Bevy
B) Brood 
C) Batch
D) Brace

16. Be down and out:
A) be destitute 
B) be tipsy
C) be over drunk
D) be rivals

17. The hope of winning the lottery amounting to lakhs of rupees is simply crying ………….
the moon.
A) Near
B) About
C) To
D) For

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