1. West Indies won the ICC Cricket T20 Men Cup 2016 by defeating?
Answer ::- England
2. Which Bank started India’s first Aadhaar Card based ATM?
Answer ::- DCB Bank
3. Brihadeeswata temple is located at?
Answer ::- Tamil Nadu
4. Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary is at?
Answer ::-  Himachal  Pradesh
5. Which country officially announced that it is blocking Facebook , YouTube , Twitter and South Korea Websites in a move  under scrolling it concern with the spread of online information ?
Answer ::- North Korea
6. What is the Currency of Iraq?
Answer ::- Dinar
7. Which Country Parliament has passed a law allowing migrants arriving in the country to be returned to Turkey?
Answer ::- Greece
8. Who was appoint as Chairman of Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT)
Answer ::-Pramod Kohli

9. Scott Kelly belongs to which field ?
Answer ::-  Astronaut
10. The Red Sari is the autobiography of whom the following ?
Answer ::- Jaya Lalitha
11. Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) is Chaired by?
Answer ::-  Prime Minister
12. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gifted a goldplated replica of the Cheraman Jumma Masjid of which state to Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud?
Answer ::-  Kerala
13. Bengalur based mobile payment company PhonePe was acquired by?
Answer ::-  Flipkart

14. World first White Tiger Safari was inaugurated in which state ?
Answer ::-  Madhya Pradesh
15. Who won the 40th edition of the 2016 Paris Marathon (35km) Race in men category ?
Answer ::-  Cylrian Kotut
16. Who won 2016 Golf Air Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix?
Answer ::-  Nico Roseberg
17. Terminology used in Rowing?
Answer ::-  Drop
18. International conference on the Zero was held at?
Answer ::-  Paris
19. Babu Bharadwaj who passes away recently is a renowned ?
Answer ::-  Journalist
20. Where is the Headquarters of International Organization for Migration  ?
Answer ::-  Geneva
21. International women’s day is celebrated on ?
Answer ::-  March 8th
22. Which city to get international arbitration center for dealing the financial disputes?
Answer ::-  Mumbai
23. Who has won the 2016 Paris Marathon in the women’s category ?
Answer ::-  Visiline Jepkesho
24. Gir Forest National Park is located at?
Answer ::-  Gujarat
25. Identify the Saudi Arabia highest civilian honour that was conferred on Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
Answer ::-  King Abdulaziz Sash

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