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Current Affairs Bits for APPSC | TSPSC | SSC | RRB and all Competitive Exams

1) Who invented Newtran Bomb?
a) Shyamul T.Kohen
b) Ernest Rootherford
c) Attohan, Statman
d) Open Himer
2) India’s First Transport Flight Name?
a) Dhruv
b) Saras
c) Tejhas
d) Nisantha
3) Father of Nuclear Bomb?
a) Einstein
b) Kamptan
d) Open Himer
4) Are used in radar?
a)The Sounds
b)Radio waves
c) Light
d) X Rays
5) Mithila stadium located in which place?
a) Bihar
b) Bangal
c) Kadapa
d) Badrachalam
6) Tiger Nest located in which place?
a) Nepal
b) Bhutan
c) Malaysia
d) Riyadh
7) Matha Vaishno Devi University located in which place?
a) Mount Abhu
b) Sri Nagar
c) Jammu
d) Nainital
8) Which purposes Lotha committee appointed ?
a) Divided Andhra Pradesh
b) Black Money
c) Match Fixing
9) Name of the First CCTV Train in India?
a) Sher – E – Punjab
b) Sher – A – Awai
c) Shan – A – Punjab
d) Amruth Maya
10) Who is First Missile Using in the World ?
a) Indians
b) Germans
c) Britishers
d) Americans
11) In which place in India Solar Boat started in the year of 2008?
a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Kerala
c) Tamil Nadu
d) Goa
12) When a Republic Day in the Pakistan celebrated ?
1) 1950 January  26
2) 1953 March 23
3) 1955 March 23
4) 1956 March 23
13) Gandhi made the pocket watch Made by the Company?
1) Rolex
2) HMT
3) Jenith
4) Croma
14) Who was the first president of the Russian Republic?
1) Putin
2) Gorbachev
3) Lenin
4) Boris Elsin
15) The father of India’s nuclear weapons ?
1) Raja Ramanna
2) Anil Kakkodar
3. Vikram Sarabhai
4) Homi J Baba

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