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Content General Knowledge Questions and Answers – All Competitive Exams

Q1: Which element was discovered by a team of astronomers who had camped near Bellary, Karnataka in 1868?
Ans: Helium

Q2: Which national park in north-east is famous for the dancing dear?
Ans: Keibul Lamjao in Manipur

Q3: Sachin Tendulkar’s first world record was for his school Shardashram Vidyamandir in a school cricket tournament in Mumbai. Which tournament?
Ans: Harris Shield

Q4: Which hockey goalkeeping legend won three consecutive gold medals between 1928 and 1936 in Olympic hockey?
Ans: Richard Allen

Q5: Thirty-eight year old Goanese Maria Rebello became the first Indian woman with a world apex body badge to officiate what?
Ans: Santosh Trophy

Q6: This year is one of revisiting old landmarks. G. Sathiyan became a medallist in 16th Asian Junior Table Tennis Championships in Bangkok, 30 years after Sujoy Ghorpade won a bronze in 1980. Our question is of a similar drift but from a different sport. He won a freestyle bronze in 2009 at Herning in Denmark exactly 42 years after Vishambar Singh won silver in the same event. Name the wrestler
Ans: Ramesh Kumar

Q7: If you break this word meaning of this yoga style, it would signify individually sun and the moon. The first text of this style of yoga called as the stretched effort was published in 15th century and was called Yoga Pradipika. Can you name the style?
Ans: Hatha

Q8: What is the significance of Hanuman Vyayam Pracharak Mandal of Amravati especially in the context of 1936?
Ans: Kabaddi as a demonstration sport during Berlin Olympics. It became national game only in 1952

Q9: The first sultan of Delhi, Qutubuddin Aibak fell to his death in 1210 AD of injuries suffered from playing a version of polo. What was polo called then?
Ans: Chaugan

Q10: This sport ke nang huan is played in an important group island by tribals. The male tribals take a wild pig and lock it inside a bamboo cage and subsequently tie one of the legs to long rope. A time limit is then set and the cage is smashed and as the enraged pig is about to set itself free.The two male standing at 6 metre distance has to pin it. Name the island
Ans: Nicobar

Q11: In 1875, snooker was invented in India by Col (Sir) Neville Chamberlain (1856-1944). The game formally reached England in 1885 and the modern scoring system began from 1891. Which city was the site of the historic invention?
Ans: Jabalpur

Q12: This institution has Nasser Hussain as one of the honorary members. Formed in 1846, by the civil servant Alexander Arbuthnot on the “Island” Name the famous Indian club
Ans: Madras Cricket Club

Q13: Uncle captained India in test cricket and the nephew captained Pakistan. Can you name both?
Ans: Ghulam Ahmed-India and Asif Iqbal-Pakistan

Q14: On whose name the Commonwealth Games 2010 swimming complex in Delhi has been christened?
Ans: Shyama Prasad Mukherjee

Q15: By what name do we remember the protests against Indian Statutory Commission during our freedom struggle?
Ans: Simon Commission protests

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