1. Which of the following translator program converts assembly language program to object program
  • (A) Compiler
  • (B) Assembler
  • (C) Microprocessor
  • (D) Linker

2. System program such as compilers are designed so that they are
  • (A) Re-enterable.
  • (B) Non-reusable
  • (C) Serially usuable
  • (D) Recursive

3. The language mainly used for business data processing is
  • (B) PASCAL
  • (D) ALGOL
  • (C) COBOL

4. The language commonly used for scientific data processing is
  • (B) COBOL
  • (D) PASCAL
  • (C) LISP

5. A unit record processing system-
  • (A) Has a file consisting of one record
  • (B) Has a record which occupies exactly one punched card
  • (C) Consists of record such that each record has one data item
  • (D) None of these

6. A limited purpose language designed to produce management programs
  • (B) BASIC
  • (C) RPG
  • (D) COBOL

7. The system flow chart–
  • (A) Shows the now of data from source documents to the final report
  • (B) is an important tool in the design of a data processing system
  • (C) Uses more symbols than program flow chart
  • (D) All of these

8. A micro program is-
  • (A) Usually written in high level language
  • (B) A sequencing program for the control unit of any processor
  • (C) A program for microcomputers
  • (D) A program written in assembly language

9. FORTRAN programming language is commonly used for
  • (A) Mathematical problem solving
  • (B) Business data processing
  • (C) Both problem solving and business data processing
  • (D) Real time and system applications

10. The division of COBOL used to acquaint the processor with the computer on which the program is to be compiled or executed is-
  • (A) Identification division
  • (B) Environment division
  • (C) Data division
  • (D) Procedure division

11. The division of COBOL used to describe the internal processing that is to take place is–
  • (A) Environment division
  • (B) Data division
  • (C) Procedure division
  • (D) identification division

12. The language which is used by terminal users to retrieve and update data in a management 5 data base, is known as
  • (A) High level language
  • (B) Hardware design language
  • (C) Query language
  • (D) Assembly language

13. The instructions of high level language are-
  • (A) Deferred instruction
  • (B) Macro instruction
  • (C) Micro instruction
  • (D) Mneumonic instruction

14. The translator which translates high level language program into machine code and executes the program in two distinct steps known as–
  • (A) Assembler
  • (B) Interpreter
  • (D) Compiler
  • (C) Linker

15. Language which uses mneumenic OP code
  • (A) Assembly language
  • (B) High level language
  • (C) BASIC language
  • (D) Machine language

16. Which of the following translates source programs into object programs
  • (A) Assembler
  • (B) Interpreter
  • (C) Compiler
  • (D) Absolute assembler

17. A linker-
  • (A) Is a software program
  • (B) Combines part of a program
  • (C) Is a program used to load monitor into main memory
  • (D) Both (A) and (B)

18. Which of the following are the two major types of flow charts
  • (A) Logic flow charts and system flow charts
  • (B) System flow charts and problem flow charts
  • (C) Program flow charts and problem flow charts.
  • (D)  Program flow charts and system flow charts.

19. A full binary tree with n leaves contains
  • (A) n nodes
  • (B) log2 n nodes
  • (C) (2n -1)
  • (D) 2n nodes

20. Number of vertices of odd degree in a graph is-
  • (A) Always even
  • (B) Always odd
  • (C) Either even or odd
  • (D) Always zero

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