Computer Abbreviations – Part 4

JVM => Java Virtual Machine

LAN => Local Area Network

LED => Light – Emitting Diode

MAC => Media Access Control

MAN => Metropolitan Area Network

MDF => Main Distribution Frame

MIS => Management Information Systems

MIT => Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MMI => Man Machine Interface.

MPLS => Multiprotocol Label Switching

MS – DOS => Microsoft DOS (Disk Operating System)

MTA => Mail Transfer Agent

MSDN => Microsoft Developer Network

NIC => Network Interface Controller

NT => New Technology

NTFS => NT Filesystem

OOP => Object-Oriented Programming

OS => Operating System

OSI => Open Systems Interconnection

PAN => Personal Area Network

PC => Personal Computer

PDA => Personal Digital Assistant

PERL => Practical Extraction and Reporting Language

QoS => Quality of Service

RAID => Redundant Array of Independent Disks

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