Directions : Answer the following questions by selecting the correct/most appropriate options.
1. According to Piaget, which one of the following factors plays an important role in influencing development?
  • (1) Language
  • (2) Reinforcement
  • (3) Experience with the physical world
  • (4) Imitation

2. The cognitive ability that comes in pre-operational period is
  • (1) ability for abstract thinking
  • (2) hypothetico-deductive thinking
  • (3) ability of goal-directed behaviour
  • (4) ability to take other’s perspective

3. Which one of the following is a correctly matched pair?
  • (1) Punishment and obedience orientations laws are not fixed but can be changed for the good of society
  • (2) Social contract orientation Physical consequences of an action determine whether it is good or bad.
  • (3) Good boy and good girl orientations one earns approval by being nice
  • (4) Law and order  principles are self a chosen the is of the value of human rights

4. The concept of private speech of children as proposed by Vygotsky
  • (1) illustrates that children are egocentric
  • (2) shows that children are stupid and thus need guidance of adults
  • (3) shows that children love themselves
  • (4) illustrates that use speech guide their own

5. According to Vygotsky, learning cannot be separated from
  • (1) its social context
  • (2) perception and attentional processes
  • (3) reinforcement
  • (4) a measurable change in behaviour

6. Progressive education entails that the classroom is
  • (1) democratic and there is space given to children for understanding
  • (2) in full control of the teacher, who is dictatorial
  • (3) authoritarian, where the teacher dictates and the students follow meekly
  • (4) free for all with the teacher absent from it

7. Which one of the following illustrates a person with linguistic intelligence?
  • (1) Sensitivity to the meaning and order of words and the varied uses of language
  • (2) The ability to handle long chains of reasoning
  • (3) Sensitivity to pitch, melody and tone
  • (4) The ability to notice and make distinctions among others

8. Language thought processes
  • (1) does not influence the
  • (2) cannot determine the
  • (3) totally governs our
  • (4) has an influence on our

9. A textbook of Class VIII has following women as teachers and illustrations maids while men as doctors and pilots. This type of depiction is likely to promote
  • (1) gender stereotyping
  • (2) gender empowerment
  • (3) gender role play
  • (4) gender constancy

10. There are vast differences among the students. Of these, a teacher needs to be sensitive to
1. differences based on cognitive capabilities and learning levels
2. differences based on diversity of language, caste, gender, religion, community Select the correct answer using the code given below.
  • (1) Only I
  • (2) Neither I nor II
  • (3) Only II
  • (4) Both I and II

11. Assessment by only paper-pencil tests
  • (1) limits assessment
  • (2) promotes holistic assessment
  • (3) facilitates comprehensive evaluation
  • (4) facilitates continuous evaluation

12. A teacher has a hearing impaired child in her middle school class. It is important for her to
  • (1) make the child sit at a place from where she can see the teacher’s lips and facial expressions clearly
  • (2) ask the school counsellor to talk to the child’s parents and tell them to withdraw their child from school
  • (3) keep pointing to what the child cannot do over and over again
  • (4) ridicule the child and make her sit separately so that she joins an institution for hearing impaired

13. A teacher can effectively respond to the needs of the children from “disadvantaged sections of society by
  • (1) ignoring their background and asking them to do chores in the school
  • (2) adapting her pedagogy to the needs of every child in the classroom
  • (3) making them sit separately in the classroom so that they do not mix with other children
  • (4) telling other children to treat the children from disadvantaged back ground with sympathy

14. Children with learning disability
  • (1) are very wise and mature
  • (2) are very active, but have a low IQ
  • (3) cannot learn anything
  • (4) struggle with some aspects of learning

15. Teachers can encourage children to think creatively by
  • (1) asking them to think of different ways to solve a problem.
  • (2) giving them multiple-choice questions
  • (3) asking them to memorize answers
  • (4) asking them recall-based questions

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