1) Global agreement in specific control strategies to reduce the release of ozone depleting substances was adopted by?
1) The Vienna Convention
2) Rio de Janeiro Conference
3) The Montreal Protocol
4) The Kyoto Protocol

2) The addition of any substance to water which leads to change in its physical and chemical characteristics is defined as water pollution. It results in?
1) Decreased turbidity
2) Increased oxygenation
3) Increased photosynthesis
4) Increased turbidity and deoxygenation

3) Greenhouse gases are?
1) Absorbers of long-wave radiations from the earth
2) Transparent to both solar radiations and long-wave radiation from the earth
3) Absorbers of solar radiations for warming the atmosphere
4) Transparent to emissions from the earth for passage into outer space

4) Establishment of national parks and sanctuaries is a strategy for?
1) Conservation of wildlife
2) Studying wildlife biology
3) Creating awareness about wildlife
4) Preventing wild animals entering villages

5) Threats to biodiversity come from?
1) Habitat loss
2) Over exploitation
3) Intensive agriculture
4) All of the above

6) Which one of the following is not a functional unit of an ecosystem?
1) Decomposition
2) Productivity
3) Stratification
4) Energy flow

7) The amount of living material & nutrients present in different trophic levels & soil at any given time are called, respectively?
1) Standing state & standing crop
2) Standing crop & standing state
3) Standing state & standing quality
4) Biomass & standing crop

8) Sacred groves are especially useful in?
1) Generating environmental awareness
2) Preventing soil erosion
3) Year-round flow of water in rivers
4) Conserving rare and threatened species

9) The interaction between two living organisms of different species which is beneficial to both but is not obligatory because they can live without each other is known as?
1) Proto-cooperation
2) Mutualism or symbiosis
3) Commensalism
4) Amensalism

10) The increased number & density of species in the region of ecotone is called?
1) Edge effect
2) Sympatric speciation
3) Dominance
4) Abundance

11) The capacity to blend with surroundings is called?
1) Hibernation
2) Mimicry
3) Camouflage
4) Aestivation

12) Which of the following techniques is based upon the principle of antigenantibody interaction?
1) PCR
3) Recombinant DNA technology
4) RNA interference

13) Which of the following cry gene codes for the protein which can control the corn borer effectively?
1) cry I Ac
2) cry II Ab
3) cry I A b
4) cry II Ac

14) DNA fingerprinting refers to?
1) Techniques used for the identification of fingerprints of individuals
2) Molecular analysis of profiles of DNA samples
3) Analysis of DNA samples using imprinting devices
4) Techniques used for molecular analysis of different specimens of DNA

15) Restriction endonucleases are most widely used in recombinant DNA technology . They are obtained from?
1) Bacteriophage
2) Bacterial cells
3) Plasmids
4) All prokaryotic cells

16) The conventional method for naming restriction enzymes is followed. In case of Eco RI, the “R” indicates?
1) Genus
2) Species
3) Name of the scientist
4) Strain

17) Which one of the following is an example of carrying out biological control of pests/diseases using microbes?
1) Nucleopolyhedrovirus against white rust in Brassica
2) Bt-cotton to increase cotton yield
3) Lady bird beetle against aphids in mustard
4) Trichodrama sp.against certain plant pathogens

18) Cybrid is a result of ?
1) Fusion of cytoplasm and nuclei of the two somatic cells
2) Fusion of cytoplasm of two somatic cells but the nuclei remain unfused
3) Fusion of cytoplasm of two somatic cells, but the nucleus of one cell persists and the nucleus of the second cell degenerates
4) Fusion of cytoplasm of two somatic cells, but one part of the nucleus of one cell fuses with the entire nucleus of the second cell

19) The use of cannabis products (bhang, charas, ganja, marijuana and hashish)
1) Causes depression of brain activity and feeling of calmness
2) Alters thought , perception, and feelings
3) Suppresses brain function and relieves pain
4) Stimulates the nervous system and increases alertness and activity

20) Which of the following immunity is conferred by the transfer of immune products such as antibodies from an individual into a nonimmune individual?
1) Adaptive immunity
2) Specific immunity
3) Active immunity
4) Passive immunity

21) A prescription letter reads the following treatment advise – Metronidazole, Tinidazole, Emetine. Which amongst the following diseases is it dealing with?
1) Dengue
2) Malaria
3) Amoebiasis
4) Pneumonia

22) Which of the following is the correct sequence of events in the origin of new species according to Darwinism?
1) Natural selection, variation & their inheritance , survival of fittest, struggle for existence , high rate of reproduction
2) High rate of reproduction ,constancy in number, struggle for existence, inheritable variations, survival of fittest natural selection
3) High rate of reproduction, variations, constancy in number, struggle for existence, survival of fittest
4) Variation, high rate of reproduction, constancy in number, struggle for existence, survival of fittest, natural selection

23) Potato and sweet potato have edible parts that are?
1) Homologous
2) Analogous
3) Recent introductions
4) Two species of the same genus

24) Which one correctly describes homologous structures?
1) Organs with anatomical similarities but performing different functions
2) Organs with anatomical similarities but performing same functions
3) Organs that have no function now but had an important function in ancestors
4) Organs appearing only in embryonic stage and disappearing later in the adult

25) Which one of the following statement is true for protein synthesis ( translation)?
1) Amino acids are directly recognized by mRNA
2) The third base of the codon is less specific
3) Only one codon codes for an amino acid
4) Every tRNA molecule has more than one amino acid attachment site

26) During transcription , holoenzyme RNA polymerase binds to a DNA sequence and the DNA assumes a saddle-like structure at that point. What is that sequence called?
1) CAAT box
2) GGTT box
3) AAAT box
4) TATA box

27) The production of a human protein in bacteria by genetic engineering is possible because?
1) Bacterial cell can carry out the RNA splicing reactions
2) The mechanism of gene regulation is identical in humans and bacteria
3) The human chromosome can replicate in bacterial cell
4) The genetic code is universal

28) Which one of the following triplet codes is correctly matched with its specificity for an amino acid in protein synthesis or as a start or stop codon?
1) UCG-Start
2) UUU-Stop
3) UGU-Leusine
4) UAC-Tyrosine

29) In Which one of the following combinations, 1-4, of the number of chromosomes is the present day hexaploid wheat correctly represented ?
Combination 1 2 3 4
Monosomic 21 7 21 41
Haploid 28 28 7 21
Nullisomic 42 40 42 40
Trisomic 43 42 43 43

30) ABO blood group in humans are controlled by gene I. It has three alleles-IA, IB and I. Since there are three different alleles ,six different genotypes are possible. How many phenotypes can occur ?
1) Three
2) One
3) Four
4) Two

31) Hemophilia is more commonly seen in human males than in human females because
1) This disease is due to a Y-linked recessive mutation
2) This disease is due to a x-linked recessive mutation
3) This disease is due to a x-linked dominant mutation
4) A greater proportion of girls die in infancy

32) According to Mendelism, which character is showing dominance ?
1) Terminal position of flower
2) Green colour in seed coat
3) Wrinkled seeds
4) Green pod colour

33) In a cross in Drosophila, the heterozygous member with gray body (b+) and long wings (vg+) was crossed with the one with black body and vestigial wings. The progeny had the following ratio: grey vestigial-24; grey long-126; black long-26; black vestigial-124;. What is the frequency of recombinants in the population ?
1) 15.8%
2) 16.7 %
3) 17.5 %
4) 14.5 %

34) When red and white flowered Mirabilis plants are crossed all pink flower are produced in F1 generation. When F1 progeny is selfed, the expected phenotypic and genotypic ratios are, respectively?
1) 1:2:1 & 3:1
2) 3:1 & 1:2:1
3) 1:2:1 & 1:2:1
4) 1:1 & 1:1:1

35) Find the correct match
      Column I                          Column II
a) Phenotype                           i) G.Shull
b) Heterosis                            ii) Johanssen
c) Heterozygous                     iii) Correns
d) Incomplete dominance       iv) Bateson
1) a-ii,b-I,c-iv,d-iii
2) a-ii,b-I,c-iii,d-iv
3) a-iv,b-I,c-iii,d-ii
4) a-I,b-ii,c-iii,d-iv

36) Which of the following chemicals can be used under chemical methods for contraception?
1) Lactic acid
2) Boric acid
3) Citric acid
4) All of these

37) Correct sequence of hormone secretion from the beginning of menstruation is?
1) FSH, progesterone, estrogen
2) Estrogen, FSH, Progesterone
3) FSH, estrogen, progesterone
4) Estrogen, progesterone, FSH

38) (A): Ovulation takes place When the blood level of luteinizing hormone is high
(R): Leutinizing hormone is responsible for ovulation
1) If both A & R are true and R is the correct explanation of the A
2) If both A & R are true but R is not the correct explanation of the A
3) If A is true , but R is false
4) If both A & R are false

39) Find the incorrect match with respect to increase in the levels of following hormones:
1) Oxytocin – Uterine contraction during labor
2) Prolactin- Lactation after child birth
3) Progrsterone – Uterine contraction
4) Luteinizing hormone – Stimulates ovulation

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