1. The Reserve Bank has since brought the Overseeing Committee (OC) under its aegis. The OC will, for the present, have five members, including a chairman, and will work through multiple benches as may be necessary and constituted by the Chairman to opine on the cases referred to it by the banks. Who is the Chairman of Overseeing Committee?
a) Shri Pradeep Kumar
b) Shri JankiBallabh
c) Shri M.B.N Rao
d) Shri Y. M. Deosthalee
e) Shri S. Raman

2. The reconstituted Overseeing Committee (OC) will work with an expanded mandate to review, in addition to cases being restructured under the Scheme for Sustainable Structuring of Stressed Assets (S4A), resolution of other cases where the aggregate exposure of the banking sector to the borrowing entity is greater than how much?
a) Rs.100 Crores
b) Rs.50 Crores
c) Rs.25 Crores
d) Rs.500 crores
e) None of these

3. The Reserve Bank of India has widened the scope of its Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006, to include, inter alia, which of the following?
a) Deficiencies arising out of sale of insurance products by banks.
b) Deficiencies arising out of sale of third party investment products by banks.
c) Deficiencies arising out of sale of mutual fund investment products by banks.
d) All the above
e) None of these

4. The pecuniary jurisdiction of the Banking Ombudsman to pass an Award has been increased from existing rupees one million to how much?
a) Rupees two million
b) Rs.one lakh
c) Rs.2 Lakhs
d) Rs.3 Lakhs
e) None of these

5. The procedure for complaints settled by agreement under the Ombudsman Scheme has also been recently revised. Which of the following is correct?
a) Appeal has now been allowed for the complaints closed under Clause 13 (c) of the existing Scheme relating to rejection which was not available earlier
b) No body can complain
c) Only Government can complain
d) No woman NRI can complain
e) None of these

6. Coverage under Fasal Bima Yojana scheme will be increased from 30% of cropped area in 2016-17 to how much and how much is allocated during 2017-18?
a) 40% in 2017-18
b) 50% in 2018-19
c) Abudget provision of Rs.9000 crore has been made
d) All the above
e) None of these

7. Coverage of National Agricultural Market (e-NAM) to be expanded from250 markets to how many APMCs? Assistance up to Rs.75 lakhs will be provided to every e-NAM.
a) 585
b) 300
c) 350
d) 400
e) None of these

8. The RBI recently proposed to float wholesale and long-term finance (WLTF) banks for which the minimum capital required would be how much?
a) Rs 100 cr
b) Rs 500 cr
c) Rs 1,000 cr
d) Rs 2,000 cr
e) Rs 5,000 cr

9. The public sector Canara Bank has partnered with BSNL to upgrade bandwidth at all its branches. Canara Bank is headquartered at which place?
a) Chennai
b) Kolkata
c) Hyderabad
d) Bengaluru
e) Mumbai

10. The Income Tax department recently clarified that the ban on cash transaction in excess of Rs 2 lakh will not be applicable to withdrawals for which of the following?
a) Banks savings accounts
b) Post office savings accounts
c) NBFCs
d) All the above
e) Only 1 and 2

11. The retail inflation fell to an all time low of what per cent in May 2017?
a) 1.9 per cent
b) 2.1 per cent
c) 2.18 per cent
d) 2.23 per cent
e) 2.54 per cent

12. The Bank Boards Bureau (BBB) has evolved GRAF for public sector banks to ensure that they have the ability to compete with other banks. The term GRAF stands forwhat?
a) Governance, Reward and Accessibility Framework
b) Governance, Reward and Accountability Framework
c) Governance, Reward and Availability Framework
d) Governance, Reward and Affordability Framework
e) None of these

13. “Buddy” is an e-wallet launched by which of the following bank?
a) ICICI Bank
b) HDFC Bank
c) Axis Bank
d) SBI
e) Punjab National Bank

14. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has approved USD 150-mn equity investment loan to the India Infrastructure Fund. Who is the Chairman of AIIB?
a) Jim Yong Kim
b) JinLiqun
c) Takehiko Nakao
d) KV Kamath
e) Ron Chernow

15. The RBI has placed Central Bank of India under prompt corrective action (PCA). The headquarters of the Central Bank of India is located in which place?
a) New Delhi
b) Kolkata
c) Mumbai
d) Chennai
e) Bengaluru

16. The RBI Deputy Governor SS Mundra recently said that public sector banks might require more than the budgeted capital infusion from the central government in the current financial year (2617-18) which is just______
a) Rs 10,000 cr
b) Rs 12,000 cr
c) Rs 15,000 cr
d) Rs 18,000 cr
e) Rs 20,000 cr

17. The Central government has made it mandatory to quote the Aadhaar number for opening bank accounts and for transactions exceeding how much?
a) Rs 10,000
b) Rs 20,000
c) Rs 25,000
d) Rs 50,000
e) Rs 1 lakh

18. Which country recently ratified automatic exchange of information (AEOI) sharing with India and 40 other countries and will share the first set of information in 2019?
a) Mauritius
b) Singapore
c) Panama
d) US
e) Switzerland

19. The IRDAI has reduced premium rates of motor third party insurance for some categories of vehicles for 2017-18. Who is the Chairman of IRDAI?
a) Yogesh Aggarwal
b) TS Vijayan
c) VK Sharma
d) Ajay Tyagi
e) UK Sinha

20. As per a recent World Bank report, India’s economic growth is expected to speed up in 2017 to _______ .
a) 6.8%
b) 6.9%
c) 7.1%
d) 7.2%
e) 7.6%

21. According to a circular issued by the Reserve Bank of India on 1 Jul 2014, the maximum validity of pre-paid gift instruments is ________.
a) Five years
b) One years
c) Two years
d) Three years
e) Four years

22. The Union Cabinet has approved the extension of the interest subvention scheme (ISS) for farmers to 2017-18. The ISS will be implemented by which bank?
c) RBI
d) SBI
e) NHB

23. The RBI recently directed which of the following banks to initiate insolvency proceedings for LancoInfratech under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC)?
a) Federal Bank
b) Axis Bank
c) IDFC Bank
d) IDBI Bank
e) Indian Bank

24. The RBI has permitted banks to invest up to what per cent of the unit capital of a Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) or Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs)?
a) 15%
b) 10%
c) 20%
d) 12.5%
e) 25%

25. The small finance banks (SFBs) are mandated to open what percent of branches in unbanked areas?
a) 5 per cent
b) 15 per cent
c) 10 per cent
d) 25 per cent
e) 20 per cent

26. Under the amended Ombudsman Scheme, a customer would also be able to lodge a complaint against the bank for its non-adherence to RBI instructions with regard to which of the following in India?
a) Mobile Banking/ Services
b) Electronic Banking services
c) Both (a) and (b)
d)Lottery Tickets
e) None of these

27. Compensation not exceeding rupees hundred thousand can also be awarded by the Banking Ombudsman to the complainant for which of the following ?
a) Loss of time
b) Expenses incurred
c) Harassment
d) Mental anguish suffered by the complainant
e) All the above

28. Using SBI Mingle, the bank’s customers can do a host of banking services on their ____________ accounts at their own convenience.
a) e-mail
b) Facebook or Twitter
c) Blog
d) Malware group
e) None of these

29. The target for agricultural credit in 2017-18(by Central Government) has been fixed at a record level of _______ .
a) Rs.6 lakh crores
b) Rs.3 lakh crores
c) Rs 10 lakh crore
d) Rs.5 lakh crores
e) None of these


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