1. Expand PCE and give details?
a) Partial Credit Enhancement
b) The objective behind allowing banks to extend PCE is to enhance the credit rating of the bonds issued so as to enable corporates to access the funds from the bond market on better terms
c) To be eligible for PCE from banks, corporate bonds shall be rated by a minimum of two external credit rating agencies at all times
d) All the above
e) None of these
Answer :

2. Bank “branch” would include all branches, except which of the following ?
a) A call centre will not be treated as a branch
b) Full-fledged branches, specialised branches, satellite offices,
c) Mobile branches Extension Counters, off-site ATMs (Automated Teller Machines),
d) Administrative offices, controlling offices, service branches (back office or processing centre) etc
e) None of these
Answer :

3. What is ‘Call Centre’?
a) A call centre is one, where only accounts or product information is provided to the customer through tele-banking facility and no banking transaction is undertaken through such centres. Also, no direct interface with clients/customers is permitted at call centres.
b) Examination Hall
c) Laboratory
d) Library
e) None of these
Answer :

4. At least 25 percent of the total number of branches opened during a financial year (excluding entitlement for branches in Tier 1 centres given by way of incentive as stated in para 10 below), must be opened where ?
a) In unbanked rural (Tier 5 and Tier 6) centres, i.e, centres which do not have a brick and mortar structure of any scheduled commercial bank for customer based banking transactions.
b) Metro Cities
c) State Capitals
d) District headquarters
e) None of these
Answer :

5. Depository services to its customers provided the bank is registered with whom as Depository Participant?
a) CCI
d) LIC
e) None of these
Answer :

6. Foreign banks are required to bring an assigned capital of how much at the time of opening the first branch in  India?
a) US$25 million upfront
b) US $ 5 million
c) US $ 2 million
d) US $ 1 million
e) None of these
Answer :

7. Recently India Gold Coins (IGC) are issued with which of the following ?
a) Ashok Chakra
b) Elephant
c) Kangaroo
d) Eagle
e) Deer
Answer :

8. In the abbrevaitionFCNR (B), the letter B stands for what?
a) Bank [FCNR (B) : Foreign Currency Non-Resident (Bank)]
b) Ball
c) Blank
d) Bill
e) Back
Answer :

9. In the abbreviation ESOP, the letter E stands for what?
a) Employee (ESOP: Employee Stock Option Plan)
b) Emergency
c) Efficiency
d) Engineering
e) None of these
Answer :

10. Under Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 which remittances are prohibited?
a) Remittance of income from racing/riding etc. or any other hobby.
b) Remittance for purchase of lottery tickets, banned /prescribed magazines, football pools, sweepstakes, etc.
c) Payment of commission on exports made towards equity investment in Joint Ventures / Wholly Owned Subsidiaries abroad of Indian companies.
d) Participation in lottery schemes
e) All the above
Answer :

11. Fraudsters are seeking money from gullible people, under different heads, such as ________. The victims of the fraud have also been persuaded to deposit the amount in accounts with banks in India, and such amounts have been withdrawn immediately. Multiple accounts are being opened in the name of individuals or proprietary concerns, at different bank branches for collecting the transaction charges, etc. AD Category-I banks must, therefore, exercise due caution and to be extra vigilant while opening or allowing transactions in such accounts.
a) Processing fees
b) Transaction fees
c) Tax clearance charges
d) Conversion charges, clearing fees, etc
e) All the above
Answer :

12. A returning traveller is permitted to retain with him, foreign currency, travellers’cheques and currency notes up to an aggregate amount of USD 2000 and foreign coins without any ceiling beyond how many days? Foreign exchange so retained, can be utilized by the traveller for his subsequent visit abroad.
a) 90
b) 180
c) 60
d) 30
e) 20
Answer :

13. Remittances by persons other than individuals shall require prior approval of the Reserve Bank of India if commission per transaction to agents abroad for sale of residential flats or commercial plots in India exceeds USD ____________ or five percent of the inward remittance whichever is more.
a) 25,000
b) 1,000
c) 2,000
d) 500
e) None of these
Answer :

14. Private Sector Banks” means banks licensed to operate in India under Banking Regulation Act, 1949, other than which of the following ?
a) Urban Co-operative Banks,
b) Foreign Banks
c) Banks established under specific Statutes
d) All the above
e) None of these
Answer :

15. What is the limit in the paid up capital in the case of individuals and nonfinancial entities (other than promoters / promoter group in the private sector banks)? However, in case of promoters being individuals and non-financial entities in existing banks, the permitted promoter / promoter group shareholding shall be in line with permitted level in the February 22, 2013 guidelines on licensing of universal banks viz. 15 per cent.
a) 10%
b) 20 %
c) 30%
d) 40%
e) None of these
Answer :

16. Recently African Development Bank Annual Meetings are conducted where?
a) Nairobi
b) Gandhinagar, Gujarat
c) Cape Town
d) Johannasberg
e) Durban
Answer :

17. Who prepares Global Competitiveness Index (GCI)for 138 countries? In this index, India ranked 39 in 2016-17, as compared to India’s rank in GCI of 60 (among 148 countries) in 2013-14.
a) World Economic Forum
b) World Bank
c) IMF
d) ADB
e) ILO
Answer :

18. The index for eight core industries registered 4.8 per cent growth in 2016-17 (April-January). Core Sector comprises of which of the following ?
a) Crude oil, natural gas, petroleum refinery products,
b) Coal, electricity,
c) Cement, steel, and
d) Fertilizers
e) All the above
Answer :

19. UDAY scheme was introduced in 2015 in which sector ?
a) Power Sector
b) Handloom Sector
c) Textile Sector
d) Steel Sector
e) None of these
Answer :

20. India’s external sector position has been comfortable, with the CAD progressively contracting from US$ 88.2 billion (4.8 per cent of GDP) in 2012-13 to US$ 22.2 billion (1.1 percent of GDP) in 2015-16. Expand CAD?
a) Current Account Deficit
b) Capital Account Debt
c) Cash Account Debit
d) Clean Account Debit
e) None of these
Answer :

21. Great Trigonometric Survey was conducted in 1802. Computation of height of Mount Everest was completed in which year by Survey of India. Survey of India completed 250 years?
a) 1849
b) 1947
c) 1954
d) 1948
e) 1975
Answer :

22. The SBI monogram has been refined for greater clarity and ease of use. The iconic SBI ___ has been refreshed, and the family of colours expanded for scale of usage and approachability.
a) Blue
b) Orange
c) Yellow
d) Green
e) White
Answer :

23. What are the benefits to customers, after merger of SBI and associate banks and BMB?
a) Technology benefits of the merger for customers of associate banks and BMB
b) Benefits of the larger network to customers after merger of associate banks and SBI
c) Seamless global banking services with the same traditional warmth
d) All the above
e) None of these
Answer :

24. Currently, the Oversight Committee (OC) comprises of two Members. It has been constituted bywhom ? It has been decided to reconstitute the OC under the aegis of the Reserve Bank and also enlarge it to include more Members so that the OC can constitute requisite benches to deal with the volume of cases referred to it. While the current Members will continue in the reconstituted OC, names of a few more will be announced soon
b) IBA in consultation with RBI
e) LIC
Answer :

25. In the abbreviation IBC, 2016, the letter I stands for what?
a) Insolvency (IBC, 2016 : Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016)
b) India
c) Immediate
d) Instant
e) None of these
Answer :

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