Code: 4204
B.Com Fourth Semester Examinations-MarchApril 2017
PART- ll: Commerce
Financial Services, Banking and Insurance – ll
Time: 3 Hrs                                                                                                                Max. Marks: 75
Section A
1. Answer any FIVE of the following questions. Each question carries   (5×3=  15)
(a) Dishonor
(b) Mortgage
(c) Bill Market Scheme
(d) Treasury Bills
(e) Capital Market
(f ) Online Trading
(g) Nomination
(h) Merchant Bankers

Section B
Answer any FOUR questions. Each question carries 15 marks (4×15= 60)
2. What is Crossing of Cheque Explain the different types of Crossing.
3. Explain various considerations that the Banker should consider While lending
4. What are the problems in Indian Money Market and reforms intended by RBI.
5. Explain the composition of Indian Money Market.
6. Explain the functions of Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
7. What are the differences between Commercial Banks and Non-Banking Finance Companies.
8. What is Life Insurance Contract Explain the basic principles of Life Insurance.
9. Explain the features of Mutual Funds.

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