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B.Com Commerce (Business Laws) Degree Old Question Papers – March 2017

Code: 6201
B.Com Sixth Semester Examinations March/April 2017
PART- II: Commerce
Business Laws II
Time: 3 Hrs                                                                                                               Max. Marks: 75
Section A
Answer any EIVE questions from the following. Each question carries THREE Marks. (5 X3 =15 Marks)
a) Contract of Indemnity
b) Kinds of Bailment
c) Agreement to Sale
d) Warranties
e) Define Consumer
f) Consumer Dispute
g) Doctrine of Constructive Notice
h) Voluntary Winding up
Section B
Answer any FOUR questions from the following. 
Each question carries Fifteen Marks. (4×15 = 60 Marks)
2. What do you mean by a contract of Guarantee? State its essential features distinguish between a contract of guarantee and a contract of indemnity?
3. Define a contract of Bailment. Explain the rights and duties of Bailor
4. Define ‘Sale’ and Agreement to sell and distinguish between the two
5. Who is an “Unpaid Seller’? what are his rights of an unpaid seller?
6. Discuss the rights of consumer
7. Explain brief about the consumer disputes Redressal Agencies under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
8. Briefly state the provisions of the Company Act, 1956, regarding the mode of Appointment and Removal of the directors of a company.
9. What are the various modes of winding up. Explain the procedure for the members voluntary Winding up of a company?

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